Friday, August 17, 2007

Another JJ theory

Once upon a time, before I had children, I was lying on the sofa, dozing.

Music was playing quietly in the background and husband was in the chair by the window doing a crossword puzzle.

I was in that lovely state between awake and asleep...

Husband cuts into my thoughts with a question for his crossword: 'Who was the last king of Rome?'

'Tarquin' I say.

A few minutes pass, and after a fight between my subconscious and my conscious, I sit up.

'Was that right?' I ask.

'Yes. Why?'

'Because I didn't know I knew that.'

Now, some of you may know from here that I have a Classics degree, so maybe it isn't all that unusual that I know who the last king of Rome was. But, as you will also see there, I am so crap at ancient history (cos I specialised in literature), that my husband is petitioning for me to give my degree certificate back to the university. The point was that I didn't know that I knew who the last king of Rome was.

Now, so here comes the theory bit: If only I could spend my life perpetually half asleep, I think I might be rather intelligent.

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Jen said...

Perpetually half asleep sounds a rather pleasant state to drift about in.

It's taken me 38 years to realise that I appear far brainier when not talking so your system of slumber is, in my books, scientifically proven.

You are therefore not only a master of classics but of science too! You are a ruddy genius, in fact.

JJ said...

Ah, bless you my child!

Angie said...

Many nights when I'm just drifting off to sleep I wake myself up with a word I couldn't remember or some such nonesense. Letting the old noggin relax seems to do the trick, though it's not nearly as satisfying coming up with the answer two days after it was required. ;)

Jon M said...

I think you've proved that, like most of us geniuses...geneii(?) It's your mental agiltiy that counts, not remebering useless facts...trouble is my head is full of useless information... actually...perpetually half asleep sounds great to me

JJ said...


It's a bit like having a cutting answer to someone who's rude to you three hours after you need it, isn't it? Sometimes, I'm astonishing clever with hindsight!


Oooh, welcome back. I've missed you. I hope you had a lovely holiday. Yes, that mental and physical agility is a right old bugger, isn't it?


Rebecca said...

hee hee - I come across as more intelligent when asleep (or almost) too.

But I certainly wouldn't've known who the last king of Rome was....eek....whether asleep or not.