Monday, August 20, 2007

Wibbly Wobbly

I am feeling very wibbly wobbly today.

My 'baby' started secondary school today ... It is, most definitely, the end of an era (and the start of a new one) and I feel... strange, a bit weepy for some reason.

I didn't do that weepy number when they went to nursery and started school, so it must be my turn to be fragile now.

I think it's because I know I have to plan for my future now.

However, I know what I want to do, but ... what if it doesn't work out?


Helen said...

You won't know if you don't try. Don't dwell on the 'what if's'. The future is going to be fabulous. A friend looks at my life - which is obviously similar to yours now in that we're both 'going for it' and she thinks its really exciting.

I'm with you on your fragile state re school as you know. I only had to start talking about son's last day of nursery (next week!) for me to become quite emotional. Mind you so did the nursery member of staff I was talking to at the time!

Jen said...

Of course it'll work out. If not, there's always a life of misery and alcohol to look forward to.

If you keep writing, you can keep drinking though. How's that?

You can do it. You really, really can.

A. Writer said...

I can't really comment on the wibbly wobbly weepy feeling about your 'baby' starting secondary school-I haven't got kids. It must be strange but a good strange, remember that. It's a new and exciting era for both of you.

As for planning for your future now, don't dwell on the 'what ifs', no one would get anywhere if they did. You know what you want to do and to me, that shows you have drive, determination and a passion to get exactly where you want to be. And I have no doubts that's you'll get there!

You go girl!

Jon M said...

Wibbly wobbly it is. I always wanted to turn year 7 pupils around and send them back to primary but actually, they are ready to move on and you'll be amazed how quickly they change now! In a nice way!

But you have a right to feel wibbly and wobbly. You're Mum! :-)

Angie said...

Everyone already left great advice, but I just want to throw my voice in there to say I understand the 'what ifs' - they're totally normal and keep us honest, just don't give in. Remember that magic moment you told me about when you realized with all your fiber this is what you wanted to do? Hang on to it.
As for your baby, well that would be hard, but I'm sure exciting too.

JJ said...

I love my blog friends.

Thank you, thank you all.

I've woken up much cheerier today. I'm not going to look at what I've written I'm just going to get on with writing one of the juicy row scenes.

Thank you all for your lovely comments.


Caroline said...

wibbly wobbly is good - it makes you think. And you have. And you'll get there. You will. You will.

Helen said...

And if it doesn't work out I'll come and work in a book store with you (as long as it has coffee and books I'll be happy)

jennifer said...

I did the weepy number when they went to nursery school, elementary school, and now middle school. And I definitely have not figured out what to with me, yet. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
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