Monday, February 04, 2008

Internet Mai Sabai

Sharp eyed folks out there might have seen that my last post was courtesy of my lovely, lovely (have I told you how much I love and adore it?) Blackberry.

That’s because our internet was misbehaving at home. Son had a new game he was subscribing to online, and he’d bought at upgrade, so sod’s law said our internet would fall over and flatly refuse to get up again.

We tried all the usual fixes, of turning it off and on again (this is a very technical IT trick I’ve learned because I’m lucky enough to have Husband who works in IT). Son got cross, whined, blamed everyone, hassled Husband who grumbled and whined back, before pressing the RED (on No Account Press) button that wipes out our internet account. And if you think it’s tough dealing with internet providers in the Western world, you should try it in Thailand! Because my Thai is restricted to ‘Where is the toilet?’ ‘Turn left/right here’ ‘Go straight’ ‘Vegetable/Chicken Fried rice please’ ‘Beautiful’ ‘pain’ ‘not well’ and ‘well, thank you.’ None of which helps much, although I think I could say ‘Internet, mai sabai’ which roughly translates to ‘Internet not well.’

So now, believe it or not, I’m sitting in the foyer of our local hospital because I came to pick up a prescription. They have wifi here … but I can’t stop and visit all my blog friends because I’ve got a website lesson now. Hopefully the internet will be fixed and I'll be around for a cup of tea.


Lane said...

Thank goodness for the trusty BB. Make sure you keep it away from tea!

laurie said...

you can press one button to wipe out your account?

sods law would saya that i would accidentally be pressing that sucker constantly.

our wifi goes out a lot, too. we just unplug the modem and reset it.

Yvonne said...

I noticed the Blackberry marker at the end of your last post, I was amazed that you were able to write so much! I usually can only manage a few sentences before losing the plot.

SueG said...

Yikes. First your daughter, then your internet. Not much of a weekend, eh? But now you see why they (including my kids) call it a crackberry. I adore mine too with a deep and abiding love. This can't be healthy.

Angie said...

I'm still SO jealous of your lovely blackberry. Someday I hope to have lovely blackberry supported posts too. ;) Our wifi goes wonky too, so I'm hoping yours is fixed soon as you don't want to start experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms!

Leigh said...

Thank God for hotspots and blackberries!