Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Dad

Last week I said I would blog about my parents one at a time. Today is my Dad's turn.

My Dad:

  • rarely swears, but when he does he runs together convoluted combinations of really atrocious expletives.

  • brought my sister and me a cup of tea every school day morning to wake us up for school. It became a condition that the man I married would selflessly provide me with endless cups of tea. (I failed.)

  • catches spiders in his hands. He shakes his hands gently to stop them from biting him. Eeeewugh. (Husband stamps on spiders since he’s a bit scared too – although less so since his six year old Son challenged him with: “Dad, if you hold the tarantula, so will I”.)

  • is amazingly talented with his hands. For many years he’s made props for the local theatre group’s performances. So when I go home, this is the kind of thing I chance upon:

  • Every year (bar one when he was ill) he has made a Christmas Creature for the children of the family. Until we had our own children this was my sister and I until we were around 30! Christmas creatures are made, Blue Peter style, from cardboard tubes, fizzy drink bottles and are decorated in the style of: aliens, cats, dogs, snowmen, dinosaurs, etc. They always have a hollow in their bodies which is filled with small toys and gifts. They are placed under the tree and given out with presents. Every year it’s a top secret what creature he’s made.

  • (This Christmas Creature is Flicka, the dog. If you turn her round, you can open her bottom! and presents are hidden inside her hollow. It's quite scary how Dad has captured her neurotic expression so brilliantly. )

  • It never mattered how many friends we invited, how late in the day, my parents always found enough food, and pulled up another chair. Our friends were always welcome.

  • Has written his memoirs.

  • He’s a fabulous cook. He’s always does Christmas meals and Sunday lunches but since he retired he has done nearly all the cooking.


Lane said...

What a totally lovely man.

I love the Christmas Creatures:-)


Pacha said...

He sounds magnificent! He's fantastically productive and creative. Sounds like the perfect dad! Lovely JJ

Yvonne said...

What a lovely tribute! My parents are total tea-jennies too.

liz fenwick said...


SpiralSkies said...

Gosh, he sounds like the sort of perfect dad one would invent... you are lucky. The creatures are fabulous.

Angie said...

You are very lucky indeed. Tea service and Christmas creatures and cooking - he sounds marvelous.

Anonymous said...

He is very thoughtful too. I enjoyed those marrowfat peas sooo much. Thank him for me again. Susan

Carol and Chris said...

This is a lovely post JJ!! Your Dad sounds fab....I wish my Dad had made Christmas Creatures but he is definitely more of a Bah Humbug kinda Dad!! (he does make a mean Peking Crispy Duck so maybe I'll forgive him......)

C x

JJ said...

Thank you Lane, he is.

Pacha, thanks, he is very clever.

Yvonne, thank you - but what's a tea-jennie?

Liz, yes, he's gorgeous too!

Jen, well, it didn't seem fair to blog his faults! So perhaps he does appear too good to be true.

Thanks Angie.

Susan, Hi honey. Thanks for delurking to mention the peas! He insisted I brought them back for you. He is a sweetie! Sorry I missed you in BKK a few weeks ago. Hope to see you soon.

Carol, Crispy duck is an important skills for a Dad!


Yvonne said...

JJ, a tea jenny is someone who drinks lots and lots of tea - I think it's a scottish saying. (My mother's Glaswegian!)

Leigh said...

Love your your Dad's tea-bringing habits, his modus profranius, his Christmas Creatures, his cooking and his hospitality. Actually, I think I love your Dad!

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - I can't believe you've never heard the expression tea-jennie!!

Yvonne - It is a Scottish saying....I grew up with my Gran using it (We're wegies as well!!)

C x

hesitant scribe said...

Just have to agree with everyone else. I can see where your artistic talents come from, and what a lovely man!

I hope he gets to read this post :)