Thursday, February 28, 2008

War Child pt 2

Despite feeling all sick and bad, I've been working on my War Child piece. Even if it's a pile of crap I've got to be brave and submit stuff. I am so afraid of appearing a tit and having you all fall about laughing at the idea that I might think I can write. The irony is not lost on me: given my 'You're Not The Only One' piece is about fear, scaredycatness but doing it anyway...)
My viral infested head got further befuzzled trying to work out what my deadline is in Bangkok for a midnight deadline on 29 February in the UK while you are seven hours behind not six because you're still in wintertime...
Confusing isn't it?
I went to Peach's blog and was delighted to see the deadline has been moved to 9 March. But then felt pissed off that it comes with a plea for funny ones, which mine was (assuming I can crowbar the humour back in.)
Oh, any old excuse for procrastination. Just get on with it.
Why won't Blogger put my paragraphs where I tell it to?


Lane said...

Just send it in jj. You can even send two if you like. I did. If one gets picked - great. If not, c'est la vie. It's all good practice and it's a great cause.

So ... go write (though the swaying building must be a distraction:-)

Pacha said...

Blogger is going all silly on me too!

It's all about perception: what is a pile of crap to you may not be a pile of crap to someone else. I purposely write crap because of this!

Hope you're feeling better!

JJ said...

Thanks Lane, I will send in my pile of crap. So what? It's a journey ... from total crapness to less crapness and I'm somewhere near the beginning.

Pacha, Bloody Blogger! Yes you're right. I am deliberately writing crap too. ;-D


KAREN said...

I sent one in, even though I'm not convinced it's 'quite right' but sort of felt better for doing it anyway, if that makes sense!

I think you can move paragraphs by going to Edit HTML on your posts, and fiddling about there, rather than using 'compose.' On the other hand, you've probably already tried that!

Flowerpot said...

go for it JJ - very brave of you to write anything when you're feeling lousy!

Debs said...

Send it in, it's probably not as bad as you imagine. Everything looks worse when you're sick.

My paragraphs sometimes have a life of their own too.

liz fenwick said...

Blogger is Blogger and it has its own mind and own will.

Just write what is in your heart then send it - let go. x