Sunday, February 24, 2008


Today is … Sunday.

The end of half term.

Daughter’s 12th birthday. OMG. Where did that go? Just a few minutes ago I had small children… I turned round a couple of times and they’re both nearly teenagers.

Today, at the Londoner Pub for Sunday lunch I decided that I loathed my lead character’s name: Ursula. Sorry to any Ursulas out there. I don’t actually loathe the name – I like it, that’s why I chose it, but you know what? It just isn’t her. It’s not right and so I’m thinking Julia or Emily. What do you think?

I do have a personal preference here, but would be interested in your opinions. After the hilarious kerfuffle on A.Writer’s blog a few weeks ago here and here about names, I thought I’d run them past you all. ‘Lucy’ would be a perfect name for her … but obviously I can’t do that!

Oooh, and check out this photo of Son and Daughter celebrating Daughter’s birthday with the Londoner staff.

(Sorry for the blurry faces: at Son's insistence)


Mel said...

Yay for happy birthdays and end of holidays ;-p! Happy Birthday to mini-jj, I love her makeup in this pic!teehee My mum can't believe her baby just turned 30! Time does fly.

After much pondering and research I have come to the following conclusions:
Ursula means "little bear"..very cute but brings to mind a 6 foot blonde viking woman for some reason.
Julia means "youthful", whereas I imagine a more mature person with high intellect.
Emily means "industrious", whereas I think of meek, blonde (again!), hit with the boys...
So, that's just me, being highly judgmental and I'm sure it will be very helpful in your decision making process! :-D

Debs said...

I hate having to choose names and have countless baby name books and still dither terribly.

Pacha said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!Hope she had a very special lovely day!

Go for Lucy! I like Emily (and I also like Julia)...

So that's helpful! I suppose it depends on what your character is like. If she isn't an Ursula I suppose either Emily or Julia is fine. (The only Ursula I can remember in a novel is in Lawrence's 'Women in Love'). What do the names actually mean?

CTaylor said...

Can you tell us a bit more about the character to help with the name choosing?

I see a 'Julia' as a feisty, independent kind of woman who knows her own mind and what she wants.

'Emily' I see as more subdued, very feminine, possibly a little mouse-ish, but also a very classical name.

Hope that helps!

Lane said...

Names are so full of personal connotations aren't they. Ursula to me conjures up a scholarly, no- nonsense character. Like Mel says, it is a very nordic sounding name!
It's difficult to help without knowing your characters. Sometimes when we start reading a novel, the name sounds a bit odd but by the end, the character couldn't be anything else.
(I do like Julia though:-)

Lane said...

ooh and Happy 12th birthday jj's daughter:-) Hope the arm is mending!

A. Writer said...

'Hilarious Kerfuffle' lol! I love that phrase! It wasn't hilarious at the time. I caused wide spread panic among the writing community! lol!

I like Emily. I haven't read many books (if any in fact) with 'Emily' as the main character.

Carol and Chris said...

I like Emily too but as everyone else has said it's difficult to help you choose when we don't know much about the character!!

Happy birthday to Daughter!! We got a good pressy for her after we saw you yesterday and I can't wait to give it to her :-)

C x

SpiralSkies said...

I like 'Julia' too; 'Emily' is a bit mousey and Christian-sounding and I can't imagine you're writing that sort of character...

How weird is it to see a Thai girl dressed up in that dodgy Beefeater garb? Looks like fin though: Happy Birthday JJ Jnr!

Lazy Perfectionista said...

I've been having arguments with my main character about her name for ages (metaphorically of course, I don't actually speak to her!). She thinks she ought to be called Sophie, but one of my close friends is called Sophie and they're really not alike at all so I've rebelled and called her Phoebe, which was the most similar name I could think of. I do sometimes find myself typing 'Sophie' and then have to do a find and replace - so silly!

Leigh said...

This is funny. I too struggle with names, so I really sympathise. It's all to do with people you know. Julia (my best friend), is very tall, kind and loving, but extremely scatty. The only Emily I know (of), is a rather focussed artist. I've never met her, but I imagine her to be somewhat brusque.

So, Julia gets my vote! Sorry. Not very objective, is it!