Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I can almost touch the end of my holiday now; I fly back to Bangkok on Friday.

What I really want to write about is my notion of home, which is being seriously questioned in some part of my heart. I tried yesterday to write about it too, but I can’t get it down or correct or something ... so instead, let's go on with other, less enigmatic topics …

The last few weeks have been proper holiday with Husband here: no work and too much food. I’ve been extremely naughty about 100 words a day but I shall get back into it when I get home. I’ll be reporting in every day with my word count.

Yesterday I talked on the phone to a woman at a local prison … about one of my characters who has been inside. He has to have done something, been punished and served the right length of time to fit in with the rest of the story … I’m hoping to see the vicar this week about the funeral and my sister has dug out a contact that deals in antiquarian books, so all the research is coming together too.


SueG said...

JJ: This notion of "home" is indeed a tricky one, especially for people like us who have chosen to try to set down roots in places other than where we've been brought up. It's very much something I tried to write about in Tangled Roots, and to whatever extent I was successful, I can tell you it came out in the writing, without forethought or any clear understanding of it before I wrote. I bet it will be the same with you. But it's also a theme I'm returning to in my new book and, I bet, will be one of those "life themes" for me, and maybe you.

Pacha said...

Your research makes your book sound soooooo intriguing! I can't wait for you to finish it and publish it!

I too have been naughty about 100 words. It's not that I'm not writing but when editing I no longer know what I'm writing/cropping etc. In short, a mess!

If you find a way to voice your thoughts about 'home' I would be interested to know them. Home has always been a very confused 'thing' for me.

Enjoy the rest of your hols!

Lane said...

Impressed with your research!

Prison, vicars, Bangkok, books! I can't wait to read this:-)

Debs said...

You're being very good doing research on your holiday, that counts as writing too.

I've not been good at all and have no excuse at all.

L-Plate Author said...

Hey JJ. You know I used to work as a housing officer. Well, I waited outside for one of the bobbies to finish his meeting with the manager and then collared him about how long a sentence one of my characters could get for petty theft. I needed him to go down for no longer than six months so wanted a crime to fit the sentence and then know how many times he would have been 'let off' before he was sent to prison. I bet he thought I was mad when I said those words, I'm writing a book!

The things we do for our craft...xx

Angie said...

I too would love to hear your thoughts on 'home'. The idea fascinates me because I lived the first 18 years in the same town (where few leave), but have been moving ever since.
Like Pacha, I'm editing and it's so confusing to see what's new and what's not, so I've been a naughty 100-worder as well.
I'm even more intrigued by your story now!

Carol and Chris said...

Glad to hear that the research is going well....can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!!

I've also been questioning home and what it means....my Mum is not too well at the moment and my Gran has had her 3rd fall in as many weeks....makes me realise just how far away I am!! I talk about going home to see family but feel like Bangkok is home now...it's all very odd!!! Anyway...will be seeing them all soon and can't wait!!

Hope you have a good journey back

C x

Caroline said...

Enjoy your last few days.
Your research is intriguing.


JJ said...

SueG, *Sigh* I know ... kind of. It's only three years so it's still early days but it seems to get harder, not easier. I've left Tangled Roots in Bangkok, but I'll get on with it before long.

Pacha, thanks honey. I may try and write about my 'home' thing...

Oooh, Lane, appointment to see the Vicar on Friday!

Debs, thanks m'dear. I'm looking forward to getting on and writing it too.

LPlate, well we've got to find out somehow, haven't we? It's probably better than stopping someone in the street!

Angie, I knew there would be people who understood what I meant... thanks.

Carol, oh I'm sorry to hear about your mum and gran. It's my mum that's the worry here... see you soon.

Caroline, thank you. I do love the research bit.

SpiralSkies said...

My God, just look at how you've hooked us all in with your talk of prisons and antiquarian books and whatnot. It all sounds fascinating.

Hmmm, can empathise with the home thing... you set me off Thinking Things now. Enjoy your last few days; time's precious, isn't it?

Leigh said...

I know just what you mean...

Very sad that'll you'll be so far away. We'll miss you. You know what I mean. Come back soon.