Monday, August 11, 2008

I’m getting there

I managed to stay awake all day yesterday – even through Batman – and sleep on and off last night.

Today I’ve got my contact lenses in which is testament to the fact that the narcolepsy symptom of my jetlag has eased. I’ve emptied the suitcases; onto the floor. The dirty washing has made it into the basket and the books and the clean clothes are in a neat pile … on the floor.

I’ve been on the phone to Carol for two and a half hours to catch up with what I’ve missed here. And I’ve written 630 words for an article which I reckon I can record in 100 words a day. (Did you see? I'm first today; first... no matter that my day starts six hours earlier than yours... I was first.) With that off my back, I’m free to do some novel! Except, now I’m tired and I’ve got piles of books on the floor to fall over in the night when I’m awake again.


Yvonne said...

Good luck with the writing, I reckon 630 words is great, especially with those piles of clothes and books - they'd be nagging away at me!

Lily Sheehan said...

Thats excellent - that's nearly a weeks worth there. I am only managing the minimum for the 100 words a day but its better than none. I should take a leaf out of your book and ignore the piles of clothes on the floor. Oh no wait I do!!

Leigh said...

Hugs, Honey. Glad to know you're home safely.


B said...

I'm so glad we're not the only people who unpack directly onto the floor :)

Glad you're back safe and getting over the jetlag!

Carol and Chris said...

Bloody hell....were we actually on the phone for that long!!! (not really sure why I'm so surprised by that but never mind!!)

It was fab to catch up...see you on Thursday :-)

C x

uphilldowndale said...

Often things are still on the floor when it's time to pack again :(

Debs said...

You're right 630 words is brilliant. I hate having loads of washing hanging around, it drives me nuts, it's the worst part of returning home after a holiday.

Flowerpot said...

630 words sounds pretty good to me particlarly with jet lag!Take care.

Angie said...

Sleep is good and 630 words written is even better! You go girl. :)

JJ said...

Yvonne, my housework standards are rock bottom!

Lily, thank you. I often only manage the minimum, but I figure, that's better than none. LOL.

Leigh, thanks hon. x

B, if we're clever about it we can leave it there for so long it's on the floor when we need to pack it again!

Carol, shocking eh?

UHDD, See B, that's the way.

Debs, it is.

Flowerpot, thank you.

Angie, Isn't it? I love sleep.