Saturday, August 23, 2008

Still in the 70s

Moving swiftly on from yesterday’s contentious subject matter, I have been delving in those boxes again.

Today’s post is more from my letter writing days; the purpose of which was always to get some booty back.

As a child I didn’t watch much television (I made up for it later in life – though I’m back to ‘not much’ in Thailand – no point!) but I did watch and love the BBC children’s television. I was around ten/eleven years old when I wrote to Blue Peter (twice) and to Johnny Morris of Animal Magic fame.

This is the Blue Peter team that characterized my childhood. Looking back, I loved John Noakes for his humour; the way that he personified Shep the dog always made me laugh. And Johnny Morris’ humour too was much of the attraction although the animals were a big appeal too.


Debs said...

You were good at writing those letters. I always 'was going to' but don't think I ever did.

I did write for penfriends to a magazine once and had so many replies, I regretted doing it. Lazy little devil that I was.

Annie Bright said...

I haven't visited your blog before - so thought I'd pop over to say hi :-)
Really like your 70s post. I used to watch Blue Peter. I received a Blue Peter badge for sending the team a drawing of my cat, Rusty!
:-0 I wish I still had it - the badge I mean - although I still wish I had the cat too :-)

JJ said...

Oh Debs, I was anal. You should see the letters I've got... I so wanted post.

Annie, how lovely to see you here - I've seen your name around. You got a badge too? I got one in that letter, but Husband was horrified I'd kept the letter and had no idea where the badge was!

uphilldowndale said...

Mr Uhdd and I were far more excited than our son when he was sent a BP badge!
Blue Peter and Johnnie Morris, much pleasanter subject matter than Garry Glitter :(

Pat Posner said...

Oh, I loved Shep! O' course, I'm so old, Shep was on Blue Peter when my kids were young!
But Dad was a musical librarian at the Beeb and when I was young -and before he became so well-known - I met Johnny Morris.

Calistro said...

Did I just read "I hope you've recovered from your bout of CHINESE FLU" or are my eyes playing tricks on me?!

Calistro said...

p.s. I'm ashamed to say I sold MY Blue Peter badge on ebay for £40 about 5 years ago when I particularly skint!

JJ said...

UPDD, Oh, kids today, eh?

Pat, I so loved Shep. No matter that it was your kids that made you watch...

Oh, Calistro, I never had just flu ... but always something more exciting like Chinese flu. I was such a drama queen. I think Blue Peter are teasing me just a bit with that comment.

Wow, I'm well impressed with the Blue Peter badge price you got. I'd've sold it for that too!