Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I must stay upright

It started out well yesterday – I woke and leapt out of bed at nearly 7am. However, after a cup of tea and some blog surfing (I’m astonished HOW many blogs are started and never touched again) I had to have a little lie down with my book on the sofa and it went downhill from there. I slept from about 8.30 to 1pm. Not much of a coincidence that 1pm here is 7am in the UK…

Anyway, despite completely screwing up my body clock, again, I’ve been strangely productive. I’ve done some paperwork that’s been hanging over me for some months and all that’s required now is to post it.

I wrote a blog post this morning that I’ve been planning since I was in the UK and all the while I was thinking ‘it’s ever so quiet out there at the moment, it’s a shame to post this one when no-one’s about…’ Just as I finished it I wondered about scheduling it for a date in a couple of weeks that it would be good for … then, rather like being hit on the head, I realised it would make a perfect premise for a short story for the women’s mags … I emailed Leigh asking what she thought and then I looked up some guidelines and now I’m scared. So many submissions …

Now I think about it, I wonder if this strange productivity is anything to do with procrastination … oh gawd. Still, I promise no more blow by blow accounts of JJ’s jetlag… This is the last one.

I must stay upright; I must stay upright; I must stay upright; I must stay upright.


Calistro said...

It is quiet isn't it. People aren't blogging or commenting as much as they do normally. I think it's a combination of blogger's fatigue and the school holidays.

Good luck with your short story submission. Go brave :o)

JJ said...

Cal, it's deathly quiet, isn't it? I'm trying to think about the story ... and what it needs and how to structure it and the truth is I don't really do short stories. I just don't have much experience of them so I'm slightly stumped. I'm going to let my mind think about it for a bit and see if it comes up with anything.

Yvonne said...

Congrats on your productivity, I find it so hard to get to settle in after a trip. Hope you stayed upright!

SpiralSkies said...

Vertical is highly overrated. Horizontal, on the other hand, is like the summer shore, dazzling and irresistible.

Oh yes. Lying down is the new black.

Pat Posner said...

Good luck with the short story.

I'm sure as soon as you've written and subbed one you'll stop feeling scared and be eager to write and sub more.

Writing more is the thing that should take your mind off waiting to hear back.

Hmm, well, in theory it should. I'm finding that easier said than done now I'm coming up to the two month mark of waiting.

Love Spiral's comment about lying down being the new black.

Jon M said...

It is blog rate has plummetted. Work, hols, writing...But WAKE UP!!!Does that help? :)

Debs said...

Good luck with the short stories. I find them difficult and can never think about what to base the story on.

I think it's quiet due to school holidays and holidays in general.

Carol and Chris said...

Don't think of it as a short story....think of it as a long article!!

You'll do fine :-)

C x

Kate.Kingsley said...

I noticed it's been quiet too ~ lots of people off on holidays I guess.

I've never had jet-lag, thankfully, but it sounds HIDEOUS!!!

Hope the short story goes well. Fingers crossed for you :-)

JJ said...

Yvonne, I'm nearly over it now ...

Jen, LOL. Love it.

Pat, hello and welcome: I feel a bit uncertain still, but will try and get on with it.

Jon, LOL. It does, thanks.

Debs, I know what you mean. I'm just not sure they're me.

Carol, I'll try that approach... infact I do sometimes and I end up with a blog post!

Kate, some people don't seem too bad, but this time I was dreadful.