Friday, August 29, 2008

Care in the community

Yesterday I was a disgrace. I spent all day alone in the apartment reading (until the children got home from school). I lay on my bed all day, reading (even when the children got home). I ate lunch on my bed, reading. The book? It was ‘Over You’ by Lucy Diamond. I finished it by bedtime and really enjoyed it. I can’t believe she made me laugh out loud at the bottom of page 111, just after that happened.

But I decided this morning that I really needed to get out or I might get institutionalised. I’ve been looking at chapter one it on screen for ages, and in order to break the habit of ‘opening document, looking, huffing and then closing document down again’, I decided to head off to Starbucks with a paper copy. Sometimes it fools my simple brain into thinking it’s seeing something different, rather than the same old drivel. I’ve been dealing with the first half for ages now and every time I read the transitional bit between first and second half, I lose the will to live. So I thought I’d ignore that bit and deal with the second half.

It was rather marvellous, not the writing, but the change in my mode of attack. I saw lots of stuff that was wrong and stuff that could be improved. Some conversations came into my head which I scribbled down. And I saw things in my head. I might’ve appeared like care in the community anyway.

I rushed home to write, but got caught up in the banners I’m designing at the moment – I do so ♥ playing with Photoshop. I’ve sent six banner examples off to the Chairman to see which one she likes (fingers crossed I don’t get the answer ‘keep going’). But it’s Friday night, the kids are happy, Husband leaves the UK for BK tonight so I shall write tonight instead.


Debs said...

It's lovely when the thoughts all come together and you can write it all down.

Best of luck with the banners & I hope you gave a great weekend.

Yvonne said...

I always forget how much a change of scene can make such a difference, great news! Good luck with the banners!

JJ said...

Hi Debs, thanks. Yes, it doesn't happen often!

Yvonne, it does make a difference to me, and the change from screen to paper. Weird.

The chairman liked No 7 banner design, so we're on! Hurrah.

Annie Bright said...

I keep thinking I will go down to Cafe Rouge or somewhere to write/people watch. I really must try it as it obviously works! Really pleased it did! :-)

Angie said...

The change of scene and screen(!) always helps me too. Glad it helped.
Hurrah for banner #7!

Lane said...

Glad a change of setting helped.
Good luck with the banners. Sounds interesting!

Carol and Chris said...

Can't wait to see the banners!! (Chairman was threatening to put rather hideous photo of the two of us on them so I'm hoping you managed to talk her out of it!!)

C x

JJ said...

Annie, I think it might be the paper as well as the change of environment. Sometimes I just got to get out.

Lane, thanks m'dear. The banners - phew it's all a bit of a hurry now. We never do anything in plenty of time.

Carol, HA! Did she now? Well I'm in charge of the banners and I'll decide what goes on. (There's a rather nice one of you trekking through the jungle...)