Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

My mourning period is finished. I’m still a bit sad an' all, but I’m not wallowing any more. (I said in my comments that Carol and I will definitely stay in touch … the problem is that now she’s another ‘not here’ friend.)

You didn’t even know I was miserable, did you? I was. There was considerable gnashing of teeth and beating of chest going on here yesterday. Not a nice sight.

My words went off to my mentor on Sunday … they weren’t as ready as I’d hoped but they were sent anyway. If I’ve learned anything from the Novel Racers it’s to keep going; words can be edited. I have to consciously give myself a pat on the back for producing 10,000 words with the difficult times that were late Nov and Dec. My personal instinct is to berate myself that the words weren’t good enough!

So now, I’m going to write. I’ve got to climb the 10,000 word mountain again which needs to be done for 20 February. (OMG, that doesn't sound very far away.) And, I shall come back and report here what I’ve written… The threat of public humiliation makes me write!

Update: 870 words


Angie said...

Ah honey, I'm sorry to hear you were sad. It's hard living far away from friends. I hope virtual hugs help a little.

Well done on another 10,000 words! You are really churning them out. It's great that you've hit your stride and found something that works for you. Keep up the good work!

Lane said...

You can do it JJ. Big pats on the back for keeping up the word count. x

KAREN said...

You're doing a great job in spite of everything. Keep it up :o)

Leigh said...

And just look at that lovely, increasingly-orange wordmeter. It's beautiful.

Pat Posner said...

Hugs! I've been through the 'not here any more friend' thing, too. Thank heavens for IM.

Well done on the wordcount.

The FrogBlogger said...

Cheer up, motivation is hard to come by at times, but it always returns eventually. I'm stuck back in Europe for a few more months, and missing Thailand - and friends - horribly. A few comments on the blog helps to make you feel better!

JJ said...

Angie, they do, honey, thanks.

Lane, thank you.

Karen, thank you. (I must not berate myself...)

Leigh, thanks hon. Isn't it just GORG?

Pat, thank you. It's horrible. I shall miss her.

Frogblogger, you're right. I've been reading yours but not commenting... something to do with the inertia! I shall remedy that.

Calistro said...

You're doing brilliantly JJ - keep going. One day (soon) you'll have a complete first draft in your hands and you'll feel like you just want to burst with pride. Forget editing for now just write, write, write!

JJ said...

Cally, thanks so much. I do actually almost believe you! ;-D

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh, it's sad to say goodbye to a friend - I'm not very good at that 'end of an era' thing so I do sympathise. But YAY for that word count - keep going. We will be checking!

Anonymous said...

Friends leaving is so sad, I know how you feel.

Fantastic on the word count, well done!

Flowerpot said...

so sorry to hear she's gone but keep going. She'll be there even when she's not there - and Well Done for keeping up the word count. Keep at it!

HelenMHunt said...

I think you're doing amazingly well with the writing. You've obviously hit on the right pattern for you.