Monday, January 12, 2009

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Lovely Leigh has tagged me with this meme. The requirements for receiving it are as follows:

List ten honest things about yourself (try to make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!) Hmmm, I’ve had a problem with this.

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Okay, here are the ten things:

  1. I must have tea. I can do classy tea drinking but mostly, on a day to day basis, I just want workman’s tea. My daily dose of five to eight cups a day, needs to be PG Tips.

  2. I am rarely … no, never… to be found without a lip salve in my pocket… and my handbag; and one by my bed. I might possibly give one to Husband too, to put in his pocket just in case. I have always been strict; a purist… Lip salve had to be ‘original.’ You wouldn’t catch me with a flavour until a few months ago when I really let myself go… and bought a milk and honey one. See, I’m not set in my ways.

  3. I am kind, tolerant and thoughtful. I am always ready to empathise with people. I need time to get to know people and won’t be ‘me’ until I’m properly relaxed. I’m a ‘grower’ so if you make judgements quickly and don’t reassess, we won’t make it. I am astonished and saddened when people are unkind. Dislike who I am when you know me, but don’t judge me until then.

  4. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write or to acknowledge to myself I wanted to write. As I’ve dabbled my family have been telling me for years … decades even, that I should but I didn’t know whose dream it was.

  5. I am capable and confident – we’ve moved our family to Thailand after all – but I won’t remember what time it starts, where we agreed to meet or which cinema it’s on at. Rarely, I’ll even forget that we agreed to meet.

  6. I am not very sociable. I am not the life and soul type. I’d rather be with a small group of people than at a large party. If I’m being loud then I’m relaxed with you (or I’ve had too much gin.)

  7. I am a pathological worrier.

  8. I need lots of sleep.

  9. I need to read.

  10. I’m not interesting enough to find ten things to say about myself.

If you'd like to do the meme, consider yourself tagged.


KAREN said...

Great answers :o) I'm better with a small group of people too, but I'm fickle with lip-salves. Vaseline or supermarket brand, bring 'em on!

JJ said...

Karen, thanks. I like vaseline in the little blue pots. They are cute. Actually, I don't care what make I have either ... but they can't get too soft in the heat of Bangkok!

Leigh said...

Blueberry flavour, raspberry flavour, strawberry, cherry, tropical twist, apple, honey, lemon balm and, of course, cola cola. I can do original, too, but can't bear medicated/menthol. Yuck.

Never seen beer flavour, or, what I really fancy just now: ganja flavour (then I could just sniff it, perhaps). Milk and honey sounds good, in a homeopathic sort of way!

librarylizzie said...

JJ -we may have been related in a former life. 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 are me too.

*I am just about to get cup no. 4 of PG Tips (It's 13.15, and I work from home, so i can pour it down my neck all day!)
*I am just introducing my 5 year old to lipsalve.
*And reading - did you see my post about what everyone got me for christmas?

Finally, we now know we have similar taste in 80's movies!!

HelenMHunt said...

I like the look of that new fangled flavoured lip salve. I used to get through vast quantities of the stuff - various flavours. But these days I hardly ever use it. No idea why.

Lane said...

I'm with you on the lip balm but I love menthol. (sorry Leigh:-)

Debs said...

Love your answers. I find that the older I get, the less sociable I am.

I also need to have lipsalve everywhere :)

Anonymous said...

We are very similar :) Although I never needed a lot of sleep until I became pregnant now I actually nap in the day time!

JJ said...

Leigh, I'm not converted, but it makes me a bit more varied... maybe. I even used Daughter's strawberry one the other day. Mind you, it was strawberry or none!

Oh Librarylizzie, I tried to click on your book links last night, but it was so slow, I got cross. I didn't put impatience down on my list, did I?

Helen, NO! That's not good enough? How can you be addicted one minute and then just give it up? WHAT HAPPENED? WHY? HOW?

Lane, nope, menthol lip salve is just wrong.

Debs, I know what you mean... I wonder if the older I get the bolshier I get about not going out?

Marmite, I sometimes nap in the day and I haven't been pregnant for 13 years....Come to think of it, that might be where the habit started!

Catherine said...

'Dislike who I am when you know me, but don’t judge me until then'

How I wish the world would respond as such. Sigh...

I too have relaxed into enjoying my own company as I age.

It's not that I don't need friends. I do.

But I also enjoy silence (as much silence can found in a country where the birds are HUGELY loud!)

SueG said...

Really interesting answers, JJ. And the chap stick/lip balm thing...yep, I got that bug too.

JJ said...

Catherine, I'm not sure I've noticed loud birds... are you in BK? I noticed them down in North Andaman... and Gibbons who screamed all day, and chickens that chooked and... well you know.

Sue, thank you. The lip's a terrible curse, isn't it?