Saturday, January 03, 2009

Appeal to lurkers

A little while back I appealed for answers … why were so many people searching for - I daren’t mention them by name again for the flurry of electrical activity it might cause – a cartoon character with wild hair and her dog? I didn't get any answers then. It hasn't abated either and every day I get 8-15 hits from those search words.

I am vacillating between the idea that I am being teased and the prospect of having a nervous breakdown.

Today, apart from alerting potential jesters to my mental state, I am here for another appeal. I get many hits (and reads) from people who don’t leave a comment and I am wondering…

Who are you? Do you come here regularly to read? Please drop in and say hello. I’d love to know who you are so that I can say hello.

(Don’t be scared away if you don’t want to introduce yourselves … I was once a long time lurker myself. You are still welcome.)


Lane said...

I think you know who I am:-)

But 'hi' anyway:-)

HelenMHunt said...

Me too! Do you think all your unidentified readers are members of the - that character and her dog - fan club? Maybe they've chosen you as their honarary president and forgotten to tell you? Or something x

JJ said...

Lane? Do I? Oh yes, of course... Hello.

*Gasp of shock* Helen, that would be so lovely. I could be their honorary president on account sharing her hair style. It's most odd, but thankfully, at the moment I'm veering towards the jesting... rather than the break down.

lillian said...

Not sure if I've ever left a comment..Hi from Lillian in Chiang Mai.. the little village up north from you

liz fenwick said...

I think you may know me too :-)

KAREN said...

You know who I am, and I'm not looking for wild hair or dogs as I already have both!

Sky Blue said...

Hi JJ,

I'm a regular lurker, I'm afraid. I can't remember how I found your blog but I now have you bookmarked and regularly check in to see what's happening.

I think I started off reading Womagwriter's blog and have expanded my blog reading/lurking from there.

It's so good to hear how other writers are coping (or not!) with their WIP. Plus I can kind of kid myself that it's getting me in the right frame of mind to write.

At the moment I should be sorting out competition entries for a Scottish writing weekend in March.(Anyone else going to SAW?) They must be in the post by Wednesday at the latest - so why am I commenting on your blog now?

Keep writing, I can always rely on you to distract me from deadlines!

Tam said...

I pop in regularly too but usually comment. I often wonder who the random visitors are but they're all welcome :-)

Michelle said...

I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I've added you to my google reader and must have done it awhile back. Hello! I'm Michelle :)

librarylizzie said...

Um...I'm a lurker. Can't remember how I found you. Check your blog most days, but don't search for strange cartoon characters!

I have a game with a friend where she names her posts after books and I name mine after you can imagine that some searchers are probably very disappointed when they think they have a hit, and only find my dull life!

Carol and Chris said...

You know who I am too....

C x

JJ said...

Lillian, hello. I read yours too. I can't remember if I've left comments or not. Thank you for visiting.

Liz, hello lovely.

Karen, LOL. Hello.

Sky Blue, hello and welcome. I lurked a long time ... now I can't stop blogging.

Tam, hello. Yes, I know you too. I agree that everyone's welcome (and to lurk too.) I guess this won't get everyone to delurk, but that's okay.

Michelle, hello. Nice to see you here. Thanks for delurking to say hi.

LibraryLizzie, what a lovely name. Thanks for delurking to say hello! It's nice to meet you. The stats are very odd places, aren't they?

Carol, Carol? Sorry, but did you say I knew you?

wordtryst said...

Heh. I've done this, and only one person de-lurked. I still have no idea who all those others are, so I assume most of them are passing through because of some search engine anomaly. Beware the stats!

The FrogBlogger said...

wordtryst, very true... one recent google search that somehow found its way to me was for 'soupe massage'. The mind 'bloggles' :-)

JJ - I don't comment that much, but I'm lurking behind the soup tureen most days!

Fiona said...


I've spent the last couple of days reading your blog. I stumbled across it as we may be moving to Bangkok in a few months with the nomadic husband and our two year old. I'm also a huge reader so your blog has been fascinating to me. Hope you don't mind but I've book marked you!

Many thanks for the great read

JJ said...

Hi Fiona

I don't mind you reading my blog at all. Let me know if there are any specific questions you'd like answered. You can email me direct - the address is on my profile.

It's a great place to be. If you have a two year old you need to look up the Bambi website. I believe they are a fab organisation if you have small children.

All the best Jjx

Catherine said...

I'm a lurker. I 'might' have commented shortly after starting my Thai blog. I might even have commented earlier than that...

I'm a random visitor, this time arriving from 'The Top 100 Thailand Blogs' at Lost Boy.

Female expat for many years, I'm now in Bangkok, enjoying Thailand.

I'm here to stay but still haven't totally settled in.

Coming from a work-a-holic nature into the laid back Thai culture, I'm still struggling to let it go and let it be.

I have dreams of learning how to write, learning to take the perfect photo (not on auto), and of course dreams of becoming fluent in Thai.

I also have dreams of being pounds lighter, inches taller and wickedly clever. But it isn't going to happen.

JJ said...

Hi Catherine

I think you've commented once or twice before. Anyway, it's nice to see you here.

I think if I worked in an office here I would completely fail to cope with the Thai thing, but not working in an office ... doing my own thing... I find it easier to cope!

I also have dreams of being pounds lighter, inches taller and wickedly clever. Yup, me too.

Anonymous said...

This lurker is a senior from N. America. No particular comment, just lurk around.

JJ said...

You're most welcome here 'Senior' with or without comment.

Thanks for satisfying my nosiness by delurking. I hope you continue to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

this is a very old post and you may not get notification of another comment here but I am a new reader. I found you whilst looking for expat blogs as I am an Australian mother awaiting to find out if our next expat assignment is in Bangkok.

I love tea and reading. My first fear was that I would be stuck buying from book depository due to the lack of English books over there (but thanks to you I now know differently and am even more excited to see there is an English library over there)

My second fear.....if we move I may not be able to be quite so indulgent of my tea habit. I don't like tea bags, i like strong tea brewed from leaves...

I have bookmarked you to check back regularly