Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I fly tonight and I haven’t packed yet.
I had book club today to discuss The Little Stranger. It was an excellent meeting.
I wasn’t going to stay for lunch because I hadn’t packed yet, but I changed my mind, saying ‘well, I’ve got to eat…’
I’ve come home to pack now.
And here I am blogging.
I have to go out in one hour because Paul Theroux is coming to talk at Neilson Hays Library. He is in Bangkok for the Sea Write Awards.
And now I must go and pack.

See you in the UK.


Queenie said...

OMG, Paul Theroux! If you see this before you see him, and you get the chance, please tell him I loved 'Dark Star Safari'.

Ooh, yes, see you in the UK! Have a great trip.

SueG said...

Travel safely, pal!

sheepish said...

Have a great trip, I saw an excellent review for Lenny Henry so I'm sure you will really enjoy that. And I am sure you will have an amazing day with the Literary Consultancy lot. Hope your Dad is a lot better when you see him. And don't worry about writing, he he he or should that be Baaaa!!! Seriously though have a great week.

Simon said...

Safe journey Jen and I won't sulk that you're not looking me up while in town ;-) Have a great trip! Simon

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late as you've probably already gone - but wishing you a safe trip xx

Debs said...

Have a safe and fun journey.

L-Plate Author said...

oh I do wish I could see you over in the UK! Have a safe journey honey x

Liane Spicer said...

Enjoy your trip, JJ!