Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just been released

I was nodding off in the departure lounge on Tuesday night. Anyone who knows me – actually anyone who’s read my profile – will know that sleeping tops the list as one of my favourite pastimes. A midnight flight, when it’s on time, is a challenge to me. But one that’s delayed causes me consternation: will I make the flight? Will I be curled up in a corner of the airport, sleeping?

So it was delayed and I really was nodding off in the departure lounge but when at last I did get on the ‘plane, I wrapped myself in my blanket, I buckled up, put my eye patches and ear plugs in and I went to sleep. I was unconscious before take off.

Not so nice was waking with a migraine the following morning, which beggared me all day yesterday. During landing I got my ear thing. (One out of ten flights, I can’t equalise my ears and I’m in rocking pain until they ‘pop’ themselves.)

My room is tiny but in an achingly trendy part of London and I am entertaining fantasies of a pied-à-terre here. That is what fantasies are all about.

Landing in my own (home) country is so odd. It never fails to surprise me how strange it feels to be in a place where I am likely to be understood. Still there is the feeling that I don’t understand the place, as though I’ve just been let out of prison and am not familiar with how things work. I had to buy a coat yesterday because it’s cold and I didn’t have one. My wrap wasn’t sufficient. I forgot to put my card into the machine – I tried to hand it to the cashier and he motioned to the machine as though I’m a bit retarded. “Do you want to wear it now?” he asks, and I think he thinks I’ve just been released too.


SueG said...

Yikes, what a reentry! But it's great that you're here. Where are you staying and for how long? I'm sure you're all booked up, but if you find yourself with time for a drink/coffee, do let me know.

Queenie said...

Awwww, hugs, migraines are horrible and I bet the 'ear thing' didn't help. I hope you're feeling better now.

Queenie said...

Ooh I just noticed your word count! That tiny room is evidently good for something - or is there a Starbucks nearby?

Carol said...

I remember the feeling well!! When we arrived back in January I had to spend the first few days in sandals because of my bloomin ankle...I got some very 'She should be locked up' looks and had to restrain myself from uttering 'I'm not mad you know!!'

Can't wait to see you next week :-)

C x

Debs said...

It's horrible being delayed at airports, especially if you're not feeling well.

Hope you have a great time, once you acclimatize.

sheepish said...

I know exactly what you mean, hope the migraine has completely gone.
By the way did I mention the no writing rule on planes ,boats or trains or tiny rooms for that matter!!!!!