Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today was marked in the diary some four weeks ago as ‘the great hat making day.’ In truth, I don’t think any of us actually wrote that in our diaries because that would have been a bit, well, silly, wouldn’t it? I wrote something more like ‘S & C coming over to help make hats’ but the fact is that it’s taken on epic proportions in my head as one of the problems that I might, possibly, conceivably, hopefully, be able to solve.

(Aging parents who refuse to accept they could do with a spot of help: no, I can’t crack that one.)

But I can make the hats for the Melbourne Cup. Hmmm, I haven’t yet been able to work out how to hide the bits that we don’t want to see… so actually I haven’t resolved this problem either but three heads, when S & C turn up, are likely to be better than my jetlagged and under par one.

But it’s another day not writing, and the woolly one is banging out those words… I have, over the last few weeks of fretting about the folks who refuse help, also been worrying about the dénouement of the novel. Mostly I’ve been agonizing over the location and whether removing the characters from the setting – which is pretty important to the novel - will weaken the story or not.

In the end, I’ve decided to remove them… for the truth of their characters; inside the house they will not tell the truth. Therefore they must be removed. In order to have them elsewhere, I need to research something and a couple of days ago I heard back from a friend I was at art college with. She’s willing to answer some questions and so now, after the hat making, I can crack on with the last 10-15k of words.

Better watch out woolly one; I can still put you in the hot wash…


Carol said...

Good luck with the hats and the writing (and persuading your parents)

C x

sheepish said...

Oh Baaa baaa baaa. I have to hope that the hats take up a lot of your time as I am having a bit of a wordless week so far.
Please don't make the water too hot, wool shrinks you know!!!!

JJ Beattie said...

Carol, I've finished the hats and they are GORGEOUS. I am very pleased. Thanks m'dear.

Sheepish, OH? Really? *in a not too delighted voice* Hmm, hot water shrinks wool, does it? Oh, I didn't know that...really. ;-D

DJ Kirkby said...

When do we get to see photos of the hats?

JJ Beattie said...

DJ, at the latest on Tuesday next week... but I'm quite excited and might not be able to wait that long.