Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Presence and Presents

My homecoming was lovely.

There were hugs (lots of them); a Welcome Home banner and, as I’d been in the UK for my birthday, a pile of presents and cards to open. (And then it was right back into Mummy work - sorting out some homework that was due the next day! It was almost as though I’d never been away…)

The presents were thoughtful and lovely and I shouldn’t single out any… but… during half term Son had been to Borneo to climb Mount Kinabalu as part of his Silver International Award (I’m sure you remember the dramas I made of his first trip: it’s odd, but Son and Husband didn’t make nearly such a big fuss about organising this leg!) Any way, look what Son brought me back:

Camellia Sinensis Black Tea from the foothills of Mount Kinabalu! Yum. Very lovely tea it is too.


BEAST said...

Lovely to have you back JJ. And I won't comment on the lack of prep-panic for Son's little hill climb ;-). Strong pair of boots, a Yorkie bar and a roll of loo paper, anything else is excess weight.

You blog title brings an ironic smile to my face as I remember a miss-typed account of the US Military 'Presents' in Afghanistan (or somewhere equally troubled). Conjured up visions of gift-wrapped M16s and bows on bombs.

Word Veri. is Couskin, equally evocative of baby's cheeks.

JJ Beattie said...

Ahhh. Thanks sweets for being pleased I'm home.

Military 'presents' was the comment made by Yan, Bec's boyf, our backpacking visitors - it was during our first coup here! Oh, I very nearly wet myself laughing at him... and he was SO gracious at having the fun poked at him. Bless.

Lily Sheehan said...

Glad you had a nice homecoming and Happy belated Birthday btw!

ChrisH said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Carol said...

Glad your home safe and sound and I hope the jet lag is not too awful!!

C x

Debs said...

What a lovely welcome home you had.

Glad you had a safe trip and are back home again.

JJ Beattie said...

Thanks Lily.

Chris, thank you.

Carol, it's horrid: mixed up with a cold so I feel dreadful and sorry for myself!

Debs, I did. Thank you.

uphilldowndale said...

Did they climb Mt K in time to watch the sunrise? *sigh* we did it was many years ago.......