Thursday, May 13, 2010

Odds and sods

Yesterday I MSNed Husband to give me a subject, any subject I said, totally random if you like and I'll blog about it.

He wrote back with 'Lithium based psychotropic treatment theory.' Git.

I considered researching it to blog about it (because that's the sad sort of person I am) but Google wondered if Husband had actually mean 'Lithium based psychiatric treatment theory' and I lost interest after that. (I bet you're thanking your lucky stars.)


I'm loving this literature map which I saw on Green Ink Girl’s blog.


I've been trying really hard to edit but I failed because I can't put my book down. I'm reading Nicola Morgan’s Wasted which lovely Allyson brought back from the UK for me. It's wonderful; really different and brilliantly executed.


Queenie said...

You should ask us for subjects if you're short of ideas, I bet we'd come up with much better ones than Husband. I started Wasted last night, and I'm enjoying it too.

JJ Beattie said...

Queenie, it can be all or nothing for me. Either they're queued up waiting or ... well, nothing. I've got a couple that need writing but they'll take more time and I'm trying to edit too... WHAT A LIE. I'm reading WASTED!

Husband's idea? Rubbish. I shall ask on Twitter next time.

BEAST said...

you said "can be totally random". Well that's what you got. And now it's my fault. Reminds me of the old computer guy vs the consultant in a baloon joke.

Leatherdykeuk said...

loved the literature map. Thank you.

SueG said...

Ha. I love this and I might well be falling for your husband. Sorry, but he sounds so delightfully obnoxious!

green ink said...

The topic makes me think of that scene in Sex and the City where Carrie meets that crazy woman in the diner who crushes lithium and puts it on her icecream.

And doesn't the literature map rock? :D

JJ Beattie said...

Bea, yes, obviously it's your fault.

Rachel, fab, isn't it? You're welcome.

Sue, he is definitely obnoxious and mostly delightful. *grin*

Green Ink, I loved watching all those names of authors whose work I KNOW I have to read floating around and then settling. Lovely.

Lane said...

Photos. They (your Thai ones) never cease to amaze me. No words required:-)

Literature map vv good!

Talli Roland said...

I am so glad you decided not to go with your husband's subject! Ugh.

I finished 'Wasted' last night. It's great, isn't it? Really different.