Thursday, May 06, 2010

Unsteady Jenny

I love how meeting blog friends is like making proper, in the real world, friends. I met a blog friend today for the first time –  *Waves* - she just lives over the road from me which is pretty fab.

I went to hers; so I got me some cat lovin’ too, which is even better.

Lovely Talli has given me this Prolific Blogger Award. I wondered if it was for my verbal diarrhoea-like tendencies. These have been strangely missing this week as I worry away about my novel and my next step. I'm not sure how many people I nominate... I might have to check up on this.

Back on form tomorrow for a Friday Photo.


KarenG said...

How cool that you can actually meet a blog friend in person!

Fran said...

A blog friend in real life. Cat-loving. You had a great day.

Suzanne Jones said...

I've met a blog friend in person, too - she only lives five minutes up the road.