Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feeling happy

I have been feeling unaccountably happy in recent days. The children and I are flying to the UK on Wednesday but whether it is a one-way ticket or a return is still unknown.

(Please note anyone from Husband’s employers who might be reading this: bear in mind that my feeling relatively relaxed DOES NOT mean you should take another three weeks to sort out what we’re doing. I am getting fed up.)

Anyway. Daughter is bringing a friend to the UK; Son is doing work experience and I have a weekend planned with writing friends, some lunches and two courses booked. The first is a Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook course called The Insider Guide to Submitting Your Manuscript and the second is an Arvon course, Writing Mainstream.

These plans are all badly placed in the calendar so that I won’t be able to rush around the country seeing everyone because of a need to stay south east for these various commitments. But I am going to be available to meet in London and I really hope people will be happy to come to us.

Today I am trying to write my covering letter to submit for comment to the W&A Yearbook course (as above.) Bear in mind I haven’t finished the novel yet… but the pitch letter, should I desire personal feedback (Hell, yeah) is due tomorrow. So far I have taken four hours on the first 70 words. 


liz fenwick said...

Good luck with the letter - i hate 'em.


sheepish said...

I am sure you will have finished the letter by now and it will be excellent. Have a good time in England and I hope your future gets sorted out soon , it must be very frustrating not knowing what is round the corner.
Ps the word verif is amclot!!!!!!
Is that me or you?

JJ Beattie said...

Liz, I have quite enjoyed the process. I don't think it's ready yet but I've quite enjoyed the process. It's made me think differently about the book.

Sheepish, thanks lovely. (I'm sure it must mean both of us!)

Denise said...

Hope you enjoy the course - I was at a talk by the editor of the yearbook yesterday and she was lovely (Winchester writers' conference.) One of the agents I spoke to described my letter as errmm, concise!

SpiralSkies said...

I don't think you can go wrong with a bit of 'Hell, yeah'.

A weekend with writing friends eh? That sounds nice :0)

CC Devine said...

Would be lovely to catch up when you're here. Will email you.


Fran said...

Have a great time at Arvon. I love those courses. Always such a boost.

Rebecca said...

GOsh - big stuff happening? Hope your future gets sorted SOON - in the best way possible!!!