Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday games

I can hardly contain myself. My copy of Like Bees to Honey by Caroline Smailes is waiting for me at my parents’ place in the UK but it's okay because I can still play on The Hive.

See that widget over on the left – that’s the Like Bees to Honey Hive. Go and answer some of the questions. Go on. Important, philosophical questions are being asked, such as ‘can cats be trusted?’ and ‘are books better than people?’ and we need your answers. (You can make new blog friends too.)

If you’d like to make a bee and ask your own questions, you can find out how here.

My bee is fat and orange. Obviously. I may have to change it to thinner and orange soon. ;-D


Boonsong said...

I don't seem to be able to fgure out how to do this "bee" thing. Woe is me....

Also, thanks for your very stimulating and thought provoking comment left on my blog. I've published a reply to it.
Have a nice day.

All the best, Boonsong

Caroline said...

I am a big fat pink bee! Fabulous. Thank you x

DJ Kirkby said...

I'm addicted already! Boonsong, do you have the latest version of Adobe? You need it to play in the hive.

LilyS said...

I'm quite addicted to it now just like I was with the black boxes widget. I am a blue bee.

Debs said...

I love it. I'm a big fat orange bee, fabulous.