Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kicking my heels

My children go off on their school residentials tomorrow morning.

When we first came to Bangkok I had one child in primary and one child in secondary so their residential dates didn’t match up; I had to bide my time, listening to the other mums kicking up their heels over five days freedom. Two years I waited ‘til Daughter got into secondary.

In secondary the idea behind residentials – as well as all to develop teamwork, leadership, personal and social skills blah blah blah – is to clear out the school while the GCSE and IB mock exams are taken. I waited and waited and then I got my chance: that’s when I went on the wonderful Andaman Discoveries trip (see November 2007.) The second year I wanted mountains. I looked at a map; and discounted places I’d been, locations I planned to go to with family and arranged it all. Geography was never one of my gifts: Khorat turned out to be the flattest of flat plains. Not a mountain in sight. Not only that but there was a junior school residential inhabiting my hotel. Not my children but still, pah.

The following year was last year; Daughter went off and Son stayed behind to take mock GCSEs. Next year Daughter will do GCSE mocks and Son will take IB.

This year is my last chance.

In about an hour I will leave for the airport. I’m getting a flight to KL – Kuala Lumpur. Doesn’t that sound exotic? I’m dreaming of gin and tonics in a black and white world…. *sound of scratched record as I come to my senses* I’m not. I’m dreaming of coming back with my manuscript all in the right order. I will not worry about the prose. I will only worry that everything happens in the RIGHT ORDER.

I will not worry about the prose. I will not worry about the prose. RIGHT ORDER, RIGHT order, prose not worry …. Right order….


Cally said...

Good luck Jen! I know how hard it is getting a novel in the right order! Hope you have time for a bit of sightseeing/shopping too!

Queenie said...

Hope it goes/went well, hon xxx

Joanna St. James said...

good luck Jen, I took a solo trip recently and did not get a word written I was too busy seeing jack nicholson on the beach.

Debs said...

Good luck and hope you get everything in the right order. I always find it so difficult to get this bit right. Have fun.

Liane Spicer said...

Enjoy your writing retreat, JJ!

Carole Anne Carr said...

Sad when they finally go though... good luck with the writing..

Jenny Beattie said...

Thanks Cally. You too. I've been watching your progress on Facebook. Go girl!

Thanks Queenie.

Joanna, wow! The day before I left Bangkok Daughter saw the cast of Hangover 2 leaving their set in a tuk tuk. Not quite JN is it?

Debs, I am too so I hope this will help. Thanks.

Liane, thank you.

Carole, what was really sad was that when I woke this morning I rang them to make sure they'd all got up! (They had. They DON'T need me!)