Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What kind of superhero are you?

Husband and I were catching up on the day’s events last night. My Dad had been in hospital for a cataract operation so I’d been on the ‘phone checking out how he was. Husband asked after Dad’s new vision. “Still a bit blurry,” I said. “He’s on some tablets that affect the action of his iris… It’ll take some time.”

It took us back two weeks to Daughter’s rush to hospital for the appendicitis that wasn’t. We were still in the ER and things were just concluding; the medics were finally able to give her something for the pain and the admin staff were doing the paperwork to admit her. Panic over; most likely diagnosis: a tummy infection. We began to laugh about a noise coming from the next bay (was it a sneeze or a mobile ‘phone?) when Daughter said, “Mum, I can’t see. My vision has gone blurry.”

I was thrown into panic again: repanic – there should be a word. We weren’t 100% sure what was wrong with Daughter but you don’t just ignore symptoms like that so I began to flap. I wanted to wave over a doctor and Husband said, “I’m sure it’s fine.” (It was a temporary consequence of the pain relief they’d given her.)

So last night, lying on our bed, thinking about the blurry vision of both my father and my daughter, I berated Husband. “You’re so casual,” I said.

“I’m Ice-Man,” he said.

“No, I’m fairly certain, if you were a super hero, you’d be Blasé-Man.”

“Help! Help! My cat’s stuck up the tree,” Enid cried. “No problem, Ma’am, Blasé-Man is here. Cat’s like trees; I expect he’ll come down when he’s hungry.”

“Help! That man stole my purse! Get him-” Mildred cried. “Aw, Ma’am. How much cash was in there? Only a few pounds? No problem Ma’am; that’s not so much to lose…”

It worries me slightly that I’m beginning to toy with Blasé-Man (in my head, people.) What does Blasé-Man care about? What costume would he wear? I am fairly certain that it would involve pink polyester. (He wouldn’t need to worry much about chafing because from his reclining position there wouldn’t be much rubbing.)

I think it’s time I wrap this post up now…


liz fenwick said...



Sue Guiney said...

Love this! And as far as what he would wear?.....I don't think he'd care. :-)

DOT said...

I guess Blasé Man would wear a boater, Oxford bags and a striped Blasér

Flowerpot said...

love it!

Madeleine said...

LOL! Great stuff. Hope everyone is now well at you and yours.
When there is a drama I seem to go into autopilot even though I feel completely to pieces inside, so maybe I'm autopilot woman! LOL!
BTW there's a guest author interview on my blog Friday. :O)

Carol said...

That made me smile :-). I needed it today!

Hope your Dad makes a speedy recovery

C x

Boonie S said...

I wonder if he’d wear the same as me….. In truth, I couldn’t care less. Pass the remote will you.
I need more lethargy in my life.
Thanks for a fun post.

Have a great day, Boonie

Blasé-Man said...

Holy Bedsheets, I've been uncovered.

So much for the capeless crusader?

Now I will have to change my identity again and move to a new city and re-establish my infamy and... and... oh I can't be bothered, it'll be alright.


Quinn said...

Blase Man would wear just plain non-descript clothes. I don't think it would matter much to him.

If I was a superhero ... well, I love to have a good answer here, but if I had some kind of power ... I'd be a supervillain. I couldn't resist the temptation.

Debs said...

How wonderful to be so relaxed about everything. I have to admit, I'd panic just like you did.

Marieke said...

Ace :D

Maci Miller said...

OMG, this is a funny post. I am laying here awake in the middle of the night checking blogs. Woke up my own Blase' man with my laughter. He was not amused, but rather snorted and rolled over. Still laughing.