Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Novice Buddhist Monks at Songkran (Thai New Year)


liz fenwick said...

Beautiful, peaceful photos.....some are so young........

Love the colour contrast of their robes and the sea :-)

Carol and Chris said...

Fab photo's JJ

C x

Caroline said...

Beautiful photos. I am always covered in a sad wave when I see how young they are. But it is their destiny, isn't it?

Thank you for sharing these.

JJ said...

Thank you. It was a real privilege seeing them. They couldn't take their eyes off my children and neice and nephew playing the sand with buckets and spades.

They are incredibly young. But it's not always a destiny thing here. Boys and young men who go astray, or have no family, or whose family cannot afford them may find themselves as novices in a monastry. This is a good thing -they will be fed and receive an education.

It is very common for adult men who have no desire to become a monk full time to go and be one for a few weeks. If a parent dies, the son becoming a monk for a few weeks can 'make merit' for their parent.

There is something quite extraordinary about seeing them out on the streets in Bangkok, in their saffron robes. I'm still fascinated by them.

hesitant scribe said...

Simply amazing. I love the photos, and fascinated by the monks too.

I only wish I had half of the optimism for life, and spiritual awareness. But then wishing for spiritual awareness is a desire, and therefore removes any chance of having it - argh! Too much for a Sunday morning.