Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Webbery Admin

I’ve typed 4,500 words today.

Unfortunately 3,500 words were for daughter’s homework project which is to write a novel (she’s nearly written hers and I have a long way to go) so only the remaining 1,000 were for my novel. I am waiting for daughter to ask me what is taking me so long with my book.

Husband had a great day at work today (really) but grumbled at me for publicizing my theory about all men being autistic, and then he grumbled about the fact that my word count has been stuck for too long.

So I came in here to do some admin: find pin thing to pin to ‘Bangkok’ so I can search for Adam; update wordcount, since exciting discovery of old notes; see if I can cash in on clever Stray’s extensive knowledge of webbery stuff. (Anyone? Feeds? How do I choose? Do they all do the same thing? Why can’t I understand what Blogger Help is talking about? Why do they use different words to those that I understand? What does it mean?)

I am writing. I am very pleased that I am writing. I am letting go of some of the stupid stuff from the space in my head. I’m not sure if it’s the novel though, or just writing. BUT, since words on pages was all I was ever concerned about, I think this is progress.


Angie said...

My husband has been grumbling about the 'inactivity' of my wordcount lately too.
Lovely blog, by the way. Your stories of life in Bangkok are enchanting.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey, jj - came across your blog on Searching for Adam map so well done Caroline for bringing all corners of the world together! I just wanted to say firstly, thank you for asking technical questions. I feel much less of a numpty when someone else asks them too. And secondly, please write a post on your men/autistic spectrum theory. I suspect it would be very funny. Lovely blog, by the way.

JJ said...

Hello Angie - Thank you for coming and saying you like the blog. I feel a bit fraudulant about my updated word count because some of it is note form and not necessarily novel, but it seems to me that all that is important is that words are being added. I have to be a bit gentle on myself or the whole thing goes, to quote a technical term, tits up!

Ms Melancholy - hello to you, and thank you for your lovely comments. I'm glad to have provided a service re asking stupid technical questions: I seem to have a bit of a block on this feed thing. (May I please steal and use the word 'numpty'?)

You may know from Caroline's blog (isn't she so lovely?) that whilst I have few concerns about looking stupid re technical questions, I get a bit intimidated by millions of comments, and sometimes lurk suspiciously before being brave enough to say 'hello' in a small, squeaky voice. I shall attempt bravery and say something soon...

Finally, yes, I will indeed collate some research material on my theory that all men appear on the autistic spectrum. Watch this space.

JJ x

Lucy Diamond said...

JJ, don't worry, I was so crap I couldn't do the widgety thing at all at first.
Glad the wordcount is zooming along, anyway!

Angie said...

I use my wordcount in the same manner, especially on those particularly fragile days when all goes 'tits up' (I love that phrase!). I understand the timidity in leaving comments...it takes me ages to work up the bravery.
Also wanted to tell you I love the title of your blog. I'm always jealous of clever titles since that is not my specialty.

JJ said...

Hi Lucy, Zooming has stopped on the wordage today. Big bad hangover! Those impromptu nights out get me every time! I feel a posting coming on about the techno idiot that is me!

Angie, Hello again. It's so nice to hear you like the title of my blog. It suits me as I'm a tea addict, but you'd only know that if you knew me. I've made art with teabag stains, and I like the idea that my needing to write is like an indelible stain in me: no amount of scrubbing will get it out. But I don't know that I can quite convey all of that!

Caroline said...

Millions of comments!
But JJ, your comment is the one that I most love and look forward to ... *sob* *smile*

I think that you are lovely. And this post made me smile.