Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Help wanted

Today is husband’s and son’s birthdays.

Today is husband’s and son’s birthday.

Today are the birthdays of my husband and son.

There are many other permutations of this sentence to confuse me.

There is one husband, one son and only one April 18th. How many birthdays are there?

There must be two birthdays: husband has been having birthdays on April 18 for 41 years. Son has only had a birthday on this date for 13 years.


Carol and Chris said...

Fear not - happy making meringues, filled with vanilla cream and topped with fruit are on their way

C x

JJ said...

Yeah but...

How many birthdays are there? What is the correct way to say it?

JJ - Yum Yum to meringues. Daughter has made very dull, dry and tasteless cookies.

Jen said...

It's my hubby's birthday. And my son's!

Cheating. Ha!

Um... two peoples, two birfdays. Yeah?

Fink I've had too much tea.


liz fenwick said...

Good luck. Hope all goes well :-) meringues sound wonderful.......

JJ said...

Hi Jen

Yes, cheating, bad girl! How do I say it correctly: I am lying awake at night worrying about this...

Tea? That doesn't sound like PG Tips...

Hi Liz

I'm hoping that the meringues will be here soon. We're off at 5pm to an exhibition (me and my friends) so kids can have pudding before pasta - naughty, but nice!


BEAST said...

Sorry for posting a comment to an earlier thread, but I don't know if you go back and read the old ones.

Anyway: As a fully paid up member of the FF-PMT-SA, I feel a moral obligation to publically expose a few symptoms that JJ forgot to mention in her earlier blog.

A: She is canvasing for a smaller/lighter laptop. I guess so she can blog in the toilet, or standing up on the skytrain, or similar.

B: I happened to mention that before blackberrys and wifi came along, there was a vogue for mobile pmica cards, that simply plug into your laptop and allow you to connect straight to the internet from anywhere with a mobile signal.

Well you should of seen her face light up!!! Nothing like when I take my shirt off in a provocative manner :-(

Husband (Family and Friend of PMT-SA sufferer)

BEAST said...

and I'm sure there is only one birthday, we just both celebrate it.

The Birthday of my husband and son!

You would certainly say, the birthdate of my husband and son. There can't be two dates.

So it would be your husband and son's birthday, or is it husband's and son's birthday, arrgghh.

hesitant scribe said...

Husband and son's birthday I think. Hope it was wonderful.

Helen said...

JJ - I was having a bit of a panic again. It's Monday morning, son is at nursery and time for me to write. So I was sat here getting that feeling of "oh shit what can I write? should I just read blogs instead?" when I looked up above my computer and saw your magic words! "Yes I can write crap!" I thought with relief. Telling my demon to 'piss off' and with no thought to the quality of the words but just wanting to get the story moving again I have just belted out 1000 words and it's only 10:15am.

Thank you very much!

Helen said...

Yes - get them printed out they really do help!

Now I just need to print out the words: 'Must not eat chocolate' and see if that works!

JJ said...

Thank you Hesitant Scribe. I think you must be correct. I do mental blanks about things like that sometimes, and just can't work it out, and can't tell which sounds correct either.

Helen - did reply direct to your blog. So fab, ditto the chocolate...