Monday, April 02, 2007

To Be Read

While reading about the lovely Lucy Diamond’s outcoming book, Any Way You Want Me, I’ve been intrigued at the tiniest detail a few of you have communicated in Lucy’s comments.

Helen (at Redders’ Ramblings) said that Lucy’s book will be her “next book to read (even though I have another twenty in my pile)!”

And then Rivergirlie said she would start Lucy’s book next “bumping everything else on the tbr pile.”

Now I’m fascinated by this idea that they might be reading their To Be Read pile in some kind of order? Or have I misunderstood?

I too have a big pile of To Be Read books, a random selection of which is pictured, but I don’t read them in any order, and I couldn’t. When I finish a book I grieve for a bit for the friends I’ve made and lost (if it’s good) and then after a suitable mourning period (five minutes to five days) I select another book. This is a hugely important process, and depends what I feel like; what mood I am in. Sometimes I can’t find anything on my TBR pile that I want to read at the moment! Horrifying but lovely because it means I can go out and buy more books. And sometimes Book Club looming requires that I read something specific, but after the meeting I feel liberated by my free choice.

Some books remain on my To Be Read pile for ever.

What does everyone else do?


Jen said...

If it's any consolation, I'm just the same as you!!!! You can't imagine the book shelves I have piled up with 'must reads' that I don't actually ever seem to want to read at all!

Perhaps some people are more disciplined and systematic than us?


JJ said...

Most of my TBR list will get read, but there are definitely that core of books that may be there for ever. Some of them are duty books (things I feel are missing from my have read list) and some of them just don't quite ever appeal, and I'm not quite sure why.

Things like 'On Beauty' and 'Saturday' are on the book club to read list and I really want to read them, but am waiting for them to be pulled out of the hat!

It is funny to think that some people can be systematic about reading though. I seem to have a fairly haphazard approach to everything!

Helen said...

Systematic? Me?! Good grief no! I have a pile of books next to my bed which I have bought through recommendations from other racers and bloggers - or the Richard & Judy bookclub - or some I just feel I ought and want to read (The English Patient for example). The books I have though at the moment are a little 'emotional' if that's the right word (e.g The Girls by Lori Lansens) that I am putting off reading them as my writing is a little emotional too. My choice of book therefore depends completely on my mood. I have just finished 'after you'd gone' by Maggie o'Farrell and the tears were coursing down my cheeks. I was a soggy mess. (But I still loved the book). Therefore for my next book I fancy something different, like, maybe a bit 'racy'. So I'll give Lucy's book ago! No system here. Just moods :-)

JJ said...

Oh thank gawd for that. It's tough being a flake when I see order all around me!

I've never had cause to wonder if anyone does it differently, til you and rivergirlie suggested you had a system!

I'm very glad to hear about those duty reads you have too!

Lucy's was great. I really enjoyed it, and was disappointed that I didn't eke the reading out so I could enjoy it for longer!

Tomorrow is book club and I haven't finished 'The Inheritance of Loss' but I will be free to choose whatever I want afterwards! Hurrah.


Pinky Rocko said...

Save the "Thousand Little Pieces" for when you want a downer as it's not an uplifting book. I noticed it's at the bottom of your pile!!

Caroline said...

I have a pile of TBR books and still I buy more. Sue's is being read and next is Suite Francaise. Too many books waiting. I have books at the bottom of the pile that I had to buy, but now I am not rushing to read them.


JJ said...

Hi Pinky, Thanks for that piece of advice, I will save it for when I feel emotionally strong enough to take the misery. Of course, being at the bottom didn't mean it was last to be selected.

Caroline, but isn't buying books one of life's greatest pleasures? I don't smoke, I don't take drugs I drink erratically, so buying books is my main habit (I'm hoping no-one'll come on the blog and ask me about Mulberry handbags...) I thoroughly enjoyed Sue's book, and I read Suite Francaise at Christmas. It's moving and funny, and extremely humbling.

Lucy Diamond said...

I'm fessing up to having a random stack of to-be-reads too, no system or order in place whatsoever. But there are some that have been there for a long, long time and were bought because I felt I "should" read them but somehow or other, have never been in the mood to start.
I think we all need a few weeks off to do nothing but sit and read, and clear our to-be-reads. If only...!

JJ said...

Wow, I love that idea, Lucy. A few weeks off to do nothing but read. I think that should be implemented by the government: rather like maternity leave, every two years or so you have to have a month off to clear the ToBeRead pile! Because the guilt of seeing the literary novels gathering dust there, just isn't healthy. It could save the NHS millions... ;)