Monday, April 23, 2007

World Peace

I have a theory. (I have lots of theories, among my favourites are that you can’t have too many pairs of scissors, and that all men appear somewhere on the autistic spectrum.)

But those are topics for another day.

My theory today is about cultural diversity: not understanding one another. Forget religion being one of the main causes for societies not understanding each other, possibly even fighting.

I believe that however open one is to cultural differences, puddings, as we British call them, are one of the great stumbling blocks to truly embracing and understanding other cultures.

My sister in law chose an ice lolly while we were out sightseeing in Thailand. “Careful” I called from my cool spot under the fan, “there are some funny flavours here.”

“It looks interesting” she said. “like a bean.”

“Soya beans are used in an impressive array of different dishes here. And the green things aren’t mint; they’re green tea flavoured things.”

Sister-in-law came and sat down next to me. “Mmmm, interesting: not soya bean then” I said on examination of the packet. “What does it taste like?”

“Uhhm, interesting. Do you want a bite?”

I sucked on my full fat coke. “No, thanks, I think it looks like red kidney bean flavour.”

She gave another large bite, as though she was trying to get through the experience as quickly as possible. This is NOT how I eat Almond Magnums; there was definitely something not quite right.

“Okay, no, that’s enough” she said, wrapping it, half consumed, back up in its paper, “it’s definitely red kidney bean flavour.”

When we returned home I had a look in our Thai/English cook book. And these were the array of puddings I could learn to make:

Mungbeans in Syrup
Pumpkin in Coconut Cream
Sweetcorn Pudding with Coconut Cream
Black Beans in Coconut Cream
Mungbean Balls in Coconut Cream
Mungbean Strands in Coconut Syrup
Mock Pomegranate Seeds
Candid Sweet Potato
Sweet Potatoes in Syrup

Like I say, puddings (sweets, afters, call them what you will) are an impediment to world peace.


Carol and Chris said...

Ok - why the hell would you have mock pomegranate seeds?? Is it a seed that mocks pomegranates or is it some imposter pretending to be a pomegranate seed or a seed of something so hideous that they have to pretend what you are eating is pomegranate so that you don't vomit copiously?? (sorry....will stop now....spent waaay to long trying to write volunteer job postings)

a cross-eyed C x

JJ said...

Oh dear, crossed eyed with volunteer job postings? I have a cure for that 'Mungbean Strands in Coconut Syrup' Yum yum.

JJ said...

When I signed in to post that I typed out my email address, but with a slip of the finger instead of writing .com I wrote .vom.

How apt?

Carol and Chris said...

Sounds delicious - can't wait!!!


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Candid sweet potato - that's hilarious, is it for real or should it be 'candied'? Made me laugh, anyway. Unlike the thought of eating any of those puddings. Yuk.

JJ said...

Ooops, Zinnia, that's my typo. The perfectionist in me wants to go and put it right, but if it raises a laugh, all well and good. And our comments won't make sense if I change it. So it stays.

Jen said...

Mungbeans in Syrup? Ugh.

Anything that rhymes with dung is never going to be massively appealing, is it??

Pass the Viennetta!

liz fenwick said...

Have you noticed that even sacred things like cadbury's dairy milk taste different???? one would think such things would be universal but no....i still remember longing for chocolate in my first weeks in Jakarta......venturee into the hotel gift to buy it and nearly throwing up because although it said cadbury's on the label it didn't taste like any chocolate I had know before........

also I know have a passion for Russian chocolate which doesn't taste anything like English fact I could go around the world on chocolate. Do you think I have a problem? Mind you Candied Sweet Potato sounds better than spotted dick but I know the reality is different!!!!

JJ said...

Mungbeans, Jen? Eeeeuugh. That Gillian McKeith woman would be so proud, wouldn't she? Don't they sound vile? I'd like a slice of Vienetta too, as long as it's mint, and not green tea.

Oooh, English Chocolate, Liz. Sister-in-law brought husband HUGE quantities of proper Cadburys, and I've just stolen some...only 4 squares, but it's gorge...

I think the changes are due to the high temperatures here. British choc would dribble away in the heat.

Now I'm gonna go, 'cause I'm salivating all over the PC, and it won't work if I keep doing that.