Friday, November 07, 2008

Stats madness

Just what is going on?

I’d almost come to terms with the fact that everyone who chanced upon my blog does so through searching for ‘large spiders’ (why large? Why not big?) There are no big or large spiders here (well apart from here) and then there was that bit of Colin Firth action, here and here. And I could understand that because some people have him a google wotsit that pings him into their inbox when something's written about him.

But now, NOW, it’s all Crystal Tips and Alistair. Why? Why?

Please… will one of you tell me why everyone’s searching for them? Why? WHY?


Leatherdykeuk said...


I get searches for 'demonic sex'

Carol and Chris said... must be the hair!! (Aherm...not that I'm in a position to say anything!!)

C x

JJ said...

Ha! Rachel, 'demonic sex' sent you straight to my spam bin! I had to go and fish you out!

Carol, I know it was my post about my hair... but why is everyone searching for it suddenly?

liz fenwick said...

My most unusal one was mudd wrestling and Julie Cohen - must remember to tell her about it but I don't recall ever blogging about mud wrestling - not something I have personal experience of but maybe I should try????

SpiralSkies said...

I'm quite convinced that the bizarre searches that lead the unsuspecting to our blogs is the best reason for blogging!

I made reference at the beginning of my blog's birth to Philip Larkin's poem 'They Fuck You Up, Your Mum and Dad'. I'm sure you can imagine the searches that relate to that one. Ew. I'll have Rachel's satanic sex any day! (if you see what I mean)

L-Plate Author said...

Personalised L plates is usually mine but I have had a few on 'time of your life', 'what to wear to work' and my favourite 'the womans book everything but the kitchen sink', referring to my post on camping!

I have no idea why Crystal Tips and Alistair are so popular. Do you think they are a demonic sex group??????


Debs said...

How fascinating, I shall have to check mine out now.

Lane said...

Nun sex. Always nun sex.

And then yesterday wondered why a post about notebooks had so many hits. Reason? Because it's been reposted on someone's site, complete with photo. Apparently I am 'out of control notebook addict of the week'.
Would have been nice to have been asked.

JJ said...

Liz, mud wrestling? OMG. The mind boggles.

Jen, you're so right. I'm totally obsessed.

LPlate, OMG, you're right - they are a sex group.

Debs, only do it if you're prepared to get REALLY obsessed.

Lane, Eeeew. Nun sex? And reposting your post, word for word? No! That's outrageous. You might well be an 'out of control notebook addict of the week' but really they should ask.

Calistro said...

I think, though I could be wrong, that it's got something to do with the Novel Racers blog. Zinnia posted a topic on novel writing tips that she called 'Crystal Tips' and, because you link to the novel racers blog, maybe that's why they're ending up here? Bit weird though - you'd expect the rest of our blogs to get Crystal Tips hits too?!

JJ said...

Yeah, that was posted as a pun on my post about my hair resembling Crystal tip's hair! I know that I've mentioned her and that's why people are coming my way, but I can't work out why everyone wants to be googling the character right now! It's bizarre.

KAREN said...

That's so weird - and wonderful! I think I need to go and look mine up again...grannies in slips was the oddest one last time :o)

ChrisH said...

Don't know but on bad hair days I can't help but think of them (or rather.. her!).

HelenMH said...

I'm so glad I don't have stat counter. I don't think I'd be able to cope!