Monday, August 09, 2010

The Green Tinged Witch from Wicked

I’ve seen a lot of dawn hours this week. I’ve lain in our gorgeous, palatial holiday bed, looking up at the fairy tale mosquito net thinking bad thoughts. I am not a good person without my sleep. It was unfair that my family should have to bring that woman on holiday. I stared long into the night at the green tinge cast by the air con control unit, cussing and thinking murderous thoughts. Poor Husband; what a risk he takes in sleeping next to me.

I thought I’d done really well with the jetlag the weekend I got back. My only remedy for this evil condition is to keep busy so I should have known that going on holiday immediately wouldn’t be good for it.

And it really wasn’t.

On Monday night and Tuesday night I spent three hours gazing around the villa. Wednesday night between midnight and three am I also endured a migraine. Eventually tormented by the smell of the mosquito netting (don’t ask, a hyper sensitive sense of smell appears to be something to do with migraine) I got up, paced about and then settled on a chair. Draped in a towel and a pink pashmina for warmth, I spent five hours blissfully asleep.


Queenie said...

Jet lag and insomnia are both horrible. So is lack of sleep caused by spending part of the night chasing a zooming bat up and down the upstairs landing, trying to get it to go out of the toilet window... there are some good reasons for NOT having cats. Yawn. Hope your five hours sorted you out.

Chris Stovell said...

I really feel for you with the migraine - I get that same symptom too, that extreme sensitivity to smell. Horrid. Poor you. Hope you're feeling better now.

Jayne said...

Migraines are awful. Not had one for a long time, but I do sympathise. I hope your sleep patterns sort themselves out soon. The ability to sleep seems like such a small thing until it escapes us!

LilyS said...

I am the same with lack of sleep, you dont want to be round me when I'm sleep deprived. Hope your feeling better now.

Carol said...

I hate jet lag!! It seems to make me spectacularly stupid (Yes, I know I have daft tendencies at the best of times but they are a zillion times worse when I've got jet lag!) to the point that someone is talking to me and I'm there thinking 'I know that this should be making sense to me but somehow I'm just not getting it!'.

Hope you recover soon

C x

Debs said...

Poor you, that sounds dreadful. I do hope you feel much better soon and manage to enjoy that gorgeous bed.

HelenMHunt said...

Agh. Blogger ate my comment! Hope your sleep pattern is getting back to normal now.

JJ Beattie said...

Queenie, a bat? OMG... My 5 hours were wonderful thank you, even on a chair!

Chris, you too? I can't eat carrot and coriander soup since a particularly nasty migraine some years ago.No more details though!

Jayne, it is funny how we take it for granted, isn't it? I'm pretty much over it now though, thanks.

Lily, thank you. I'm feeling much better now.

Carol, that made me laugh but yes I do know exactly what you mean.

Debs, thank you!

Helen, Blogger, pah. Thanks lovely.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hah! You just described my awake in the middle of the night mind.