Friday, February 16, 2007

Demon finesse

I was so hoping to make it to 6,000 words today, but it wasn’t to be. I had Dreamweaver brain drain class this morning, which was tough. I had such high hopes after last week, and then the 'non worm fiasco' meant I couldn’t do my homework and just like I knew it would, all the knowledge leaked out of my head. So today it felt like repeating stuff, but it was essential because I couldn’t remember any of it apart from a vague, ‘Mmmm, I think I’ve been here before’ feeling.

I’ve got this document that I started last week in Sam Roi Yot which I’ve called ‘conflict planning’ but this is just to outwit …


but really it’s my writing, it’s all in the wrong order and it’s got subtitles, but that’s just to trick my demon. If it thinks it’s only planning, it doesn’t bother to come out and shriek at me.

And you know what? It’s working an absolute treat; fool.

Oh God, I hope I haven’t spoken too soon…


liz fenwick said...

If it works.....keep it up :-)

JJ said...

Thanks Liz, I'm hoping it continues thus! You can never be sure that you haven't totally tempted fate! I am going to attempt to put it in some kind of order so that it is a plot plan.