Friday, February 09, 2007

Mountains and sea

After a very long journey from Bangkok (4 hours) and a worrying 30 minutes where the taxi driver kept rotating the map to see if it made any more sense another way up, I’ve arrived.

I’m staying in a rather Thai ‘spa and resort’, which is no bad thing (lunch cost £1.30 for example not £4.50 as it would if it was aimed at foreigners). On the internet everything was in English, which made me assume that it would have some English spoken… There isn’t, and since my Thai pretty much consists of ‘go straight, turn right, turn left, stop here, where is the loo?, stir fried chicken and rice’’, etc it makes asking ‘what time does the restaurant open?’ And ‘can I use the internet?’ rather difficult. But we have established that the internet isn't working though the Engineer is working on it now. I'd like to suggest that my Thai is better than I led you to believe, it's not - we got that from the receptionist's school girl English. Still, very clever Engineer has fixed the internet, and they tell me there's 'no charge.' Oh I love Thailand,

To my joy there are mountains, though rather off in the distance, but since there’s sea on the other side and we’re totally surrounded by palm trees I’m absolutely not grumbling.

And my word count has gone up. A bit. Little bit at a time: I’m just glad that I’m writing it down. It’s really nothing special, but I am getting words out without that demon fellow shrieking in my ear that I should stop, go back to Bangkok and get my nails done instead. This is progress indeed.


SpiralSkies said...

I've only got mountains of washing.

You win.


Caroline said...

You win with me too - only seeing mountains of marking.

Enjoy writing.

JJ said...

Hi there

I'm sorry to hear that. I had mountains of washing up to do when I got back last night; evidently, it doesn't go away when I do.

The mountains were a far way off but they were still lovely to look at from the box on my balcony!

I made some interesting progress too.