Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Officially pathetic

I'm feeling a bit pathetic today and am just longing for my bed.

This is because last night I went out and had a life.

I stayed at home all day today, but instead of working (writing, Dreamweaver, website, daughter's birthday invitation) I just surfed and drank tea.


Jen said...

Oh dear :(

Having a life can be quite a drain when you're not used to it - I know about these things!!!!!

Caroline said...

But at least you are having a life.
Don't feel guilty - we all need 'duvet days.'


JJ said...

Yes, I guess you're both right. But I wish I could locate some energy so I get on with something. I'm re-reading Small Island, in the interests of research, I'm telling myself, so I'm not skiving.