Wednesday, February 28, 2007

List making

I had to make a list to make sure I got EVERYTHING done today.

I even had to put 'wash hair' on.

Also on the list was:

Make Hermione Granger tie - tick, made from purple felt and yellow paper! For World Book Day costume, unoriginal I know but I only got three days notice that it was required. So there.

Organise book club website pages for Dreamweaver Brain Drain class - tick

Get links for Bangkok book shops for book club website pages - tick

Oh that doesn't sound like very much, does it? But for some reason I feel like I'm chasing my tail today. 'Organise book club website pages' was lots of work - I want to upload the pics of the books, and have a link to the review, so all the reviews (which start off in the magazine) had to be changed subtly and have a consistant style.

Am going to a posh party tonight, where there is a distinct possibility of Ferrero Rocher chocolates being served by tall haughty looking butler.

Shame I'm not the skinny girl in the designer ball gown. Oh well.

1 comment:

liz fenwick said...

I remember that advert! Enjoy the party.

Yes, book it and hate it. DD will either have to be tiger (but cossie is too small me thinks) or Hermione as well as we have howarts caps for boys book