Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Arrived safe and sound

Well, I've arrived safely. The weather when I got here was perfect: sunny and crisp. I made my way to my parents without my coat and it was gorgeous - cool. Do you remember cool, Bangkokians?

In memory of the heat in Bangkok, and to celebrate my arrival in the UK I bring you the sandals I had made and told you about here. I didn't need to bring them to the UK.

If I get whiney about the cold while I'm here, please just tell me to shut up and remind me of the heat in Bangkok.

I'm really sorry my hooves are in the blue ones but they don't make sense off my feet.


Carol and Chris said...

Cool.....I vaguely remember what that feels like!!! (It's soooo hot here at the moment that I am insanely jealous!!)

Your feet don't look like hooves in your pics!! (now if you'd taken the photo before we had our nails done on Monday......)

Glad you arrived safe and sound :-)

C x

Lane said...

You made it!
Hope you get used to the chill soon.
Nice sandals:-)

Yvonne said...

Welcome back!

I wish my hooves were as presentable.

Lucy Diamond said...

Ooooh!! You're here! How exciting. And those sandals are lush. Have fun!

L-Plate Author said...

Glad you got here safely, can't wait to meet you! xx

Jon M said...

Impressive...II could make some kind of 'cobblers' reference but I'll refrain. Glad you landed safely!

Mel said...

Happy to hear you got in safely. Your shoes are gorgeous..really love the blue ones! Have a fab time in the crispy weather.

Ariel said...

Oh I like those blue sandals... you made them??? My only experience of making shoes was with string and cardboard when I was about 12 and very bored on a Wednesday afternoon off school.

Lyle said...

Oh, I am SOOO very jealous, but happy for you...and curious as to where you had those gorgeous sandals made. I've never heard of doing that, even after living here nearly seven years!

By the way, JJ, I think we're about to become neighbours. Judging from a photo you recently posted of your soi, and a clue you gave during a Songkran post, I think we're moving to a flat in the same soi in early May. To avoid divulging the exact location to your potentially vast audience, I'll venture with...if you live anywhere near, say, the Thursday market, then I've guessed right -- and what a coincidence!

Do you remember how I complained about the food truck waking up me up every day at pre-dawn? Well, I'm hoping now that we'll be much higher up it won't happen anymore!

I can't wait to read dispatches from your time in England. Enjoy!

Carol and Chris said...

I've tagged you honey!!

Hope your having a fab time in the UK!!

C x

JJ said...

Carol, I am loving this cool weather!

Thanks Lane, the chill is lovely, but I could survive without the drizzles.

Thank you Yvonne. I bet yours aren't that bad.

Lucy, I am! And I'm having a lovely time.

LPlate, and we met! It was lovely.

Thanks Jon, your restraint impresses me no end! :-)

Thanks Mel. See you soon honey.

Ariel, no, I had them made!

Lyle, yes: bang on. Thursday market is in my soi. Are you coming as far up as I am? I had them made at Liu's Bootery which is right by the Asok skytrain entrance/exit closest to Queen Sirikit Centre edge of Suk/Ratchadapisek. Send me an email if you want further details. 3,000 baht.

Thanks Carol. I'll try to get onto it.

Jay said...

How I miss this cool breeze... It is the best thing whenever I get back to europe and leave the plane.