Friday, April 18, 2008

Back in Bangkok

Of today

Son is fourteen today; I’m not sure how this is possible.

Husband’s birthday is today too, but he is much older and yesterday he began to make grouchy noises about this fact. I am of the opinion that being older is much better than being … not any older.

Of elastic deadlines

My break has done me good. I am quite desperate to get writing again. My self-imposed deadline is nearly here and I haven’t done what I wanted to do. But. I can’t stop so there’ll be no more talk of quitting.

I am cheered too by an email from Julia Bell who told me that The Literary Consultancy is holding a writing holiday in Koh Chang in September. You can see the news here, and their website is here and will go live at the end of April. I am not making a new deadline but I do want to attend the course with some writing under my belt.

Of Monday


If you live there, what is the weather like? What clothes do I need to unearth and pack?


Yvonne said...

Happy birthday to all!

Very exciting about The Literary Consultancy, a writing holiday - wow! What a great idea! Now if I could afford it...

Carol and Chris said...

Welcome back to the big smoke and Happy Birthday to Son and Husband!!

C x

Calistro said...
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Calistro said...

Well it's currently drizzling in Brighton although yesterday it was nice and sunny!

I say bring some kind of mac rather than a thick winter coat (unless you're staying in a REALLY chilly part of the UK) but do pack cardigans/jumpers etc. Layering is the way to go. Top+cardi+mac = perfect if it rains. Top-cardi+mac = fine if it's sunny! ;o)

I wear a hat. A black baker boy style one. That way if it drizzles my head doesn't get wet and I don't have to faff with a brolly.

Hmmm...I'm not making it sound very nice here am I? Honestly, it was SUNNY yesterday and I was smiling as I was walking down the street (still had a long mac and a scarf on mind) and the sun was on my face.

uphilldowndale said...

It's cold here, in the North of the UK, not pleasant, but it can't last much longer can it, warm spring days must be here soon

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Grey, cold and windy. Pack warm, layerable things.

SueG said...

Happy Birthday to all and I very much agree -- getting older may not be so hot, but think of the alternative. And speaking of things not so hot -- London is abysmal, the coldest it's been all winter. Really. So, unless something changes VERY quickly, bring your woolies (do you still have woolies?).
Have a great and safe trip.

Mel said...

Happy b'day to family folk ;-D Good to have you back (briefly!)Can't believe you're going from the most revoltingly humid heat to freezing..should be a blast! Have a wonderful trip hon, I'll miss ya, but you're still going to post right?!

Anonymous said...

I am an American on a search for something and am having no luck! My mother visited Thailand a few years ago. She brought back two beautiful macrame/beaded pieces for the auto mirror. She said all of the men had them in their cars. How do you find these without visiting Thailand? Do you know if they are sold online anywhere? I would be so greatful!


Thank you!

Lane said...

Happy birthday son and husband!

Like the others have said, it's cold, prone to showers and overcast much of the time but with some welcome sunny spells. You probably won't need you flip flops!

Leigh said...

Warm ones.
And waterproof ones!
And prepare for thermal shock!

Have a safe trip!