Sunday, April 20, 2008

Uhm, why?

Why did I think it was a good idea?

Why did I think, when I am about to come to England to see family and friends that it was a good idea to get my hair cut?

Why when I’m about to meet blog friends with only the vaguest idea of what I look like, did I think it was a good idea to go to a new, different hairdresser?

If my hair were a person, it would have special needs.

If my hair had heroes, it would be Professor Trelawny and Crystal Tips from ‘Crystal Tips and Alistair’ (Alistair is the dog. Obviously. The dog has sensible hair.)

If someone was wishing not to offend me, they would call my hair interesting. Or big.

Why didn’t I realise going to the hairdresser after wearing a helmet at go-karting that pasted my hair attractively to my scalp, that the hairdresser would get the wrong impression of my hair?

Why, when the hairdresser told me it needed some body cut into it, did I not run as fast as possible screaming from the scissors?

Please. Please, if I meet you in England, don’t mention my hair.


SpiralSkies said...

I think your hair is very nice. And, if it's any consolation, lovely bf walked in while I was reading this and asked me why I was looking at a mirror image of myself. Maybe we could form a self-help group?

New hairdresser, though? Brave. Very brave.

Yvonne said...

Your post made me LOL. If your hair is as bad as you think I'd meet everyone in pubs and get them sozzled (thus wiping their memories). But I'm inclined to believe Jen. ;)

L-Plate Author said...

Hey JJ, I'm doing the same thing. Have a problem with being 40 something. I have long hair and I've been growing out a fringe too. But this WEDNESDAY I'm going for a shoulder length bob and having a fringe again to hide my wrinkly forehead.

Why do we do this!

Anyway, still can't wait to meet you, even if neither of us looked like we did last week! xx

sheepish said...

one good thing about being shorn you really don't get a choice of styles, it's just different degrees of short!!!!! BTW sorry that I can't make the get together hopefully there will be another opportunity.

Mel said...

I thought you were posting a picture of Carol there for a minute ;-p
Best of luck back home and have a fab flight hon...all the best!

Lane said...

I always wanted 'big' hair but I was cursed with lank. You can do a lot with 'big':-)

Have a safe trip jj. I hope you're going to do some mobile blogging?:-)

Carol and Chris said...

OMG JJ....that was erm Brave (See, I'm being nice....not laughing....well, maybe chortling a wee bit!!). I'm sure it's not that probably just need some time to get used to it!!

Mel - Yup....that would be why Chris calls me mop top ;-D

C x

Angie said...

Oh JJ, you are so very brave. New hairdressers are scary! I'm sure it's much lovelier than you're letting on though. :)
Very funny post, btw, thanks for the laugh. (Sorry!)

wordtryst said...

I love big hair. Maybe because mine is anything but. **wistful sigh**

Leigh said...

And the hair was lovely. Of course.