Monday, April 07, 2008

Postive Mental Attitude

I've done some positive visualisation today: some positive mental attitude preparation for the coming week. Today is still the weekend because it's a bank holiday for Chakri Day so I made a plea to the family for a day out tailored to my requirements.

We went on the Chao Phraya river first, in a boat that's effectively a water bus. We rode for half an hour upstream, had a little walk and then returned back the way we'd come and we jumped off at the Oriental Hotel. (Sharp memories might remember me being refused entry here because of my flip flops!)

We made our way to the Authors' Lounge for traditional afternoon tea. In the menu is a long list of all the famous authors that have stayed there. I was tempted to add my name to the bottom but I thought I might get into trouble. A) I wasn't staying there; B) I already had a bad reputation for not following their rules... flip flops and C) Oh yes, I'm not an author yet.

Still, I was enormously cheered up by the out of this world scones, Darjeeling tea and real, yes, REAL clotted cream. So, sorry, I can't offer you scones as I scoffed them all but here are some delectable pictures.

The tea. A half eaten scone, and another whole one to scoff.

This pretty display was in the ladies!

Left: The Authors' Lounge. We were seated behind the pillar on the right. Did they tuck us away even though I wasn't wearing flip flops?

Right: Gorgeous photo op spotted by Husband of Thai staff in traditional dress.


Carol and Chris said...

Glad you got your scones after the disappointment on Friday!!

Sounds like a great way to spend the day

C x

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a lovely day - I pray for at least one nice day this summer so I can go on a river boat.

liz fenwick said...

Brilliant day out...sounds like just what you needed and one day your name will be on the list!!!

SpiralSkies said...

The diversity of Bangkok never fails to amaze me! It really does sound like a perfect day out.

Oh, and am very glad you're blogging again!

Lane said...

Fantastic pictures.
Glad you had a good day:-)

sheepish said...

What a fabulous looking place and omg clotted cream. One of my regrets about living in France is the lack of real cream, although it's probably better for my waistline. I wonder how much it costs to fly clotted cream to Bangkok? And don't give up on the blogs they are always a good read, and keep writing too you have a way with words that deserves to be shared.

SueG said...

Looks fantastic, and now I remember -- I went to the Author's Lounge at The Oriental once. Lovely! I'm glad you enjoyed your day!