Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Mojo

I know my mojo is returning because on trotting down the soi a few minutes ago I suddenly thought ‘Oh isn’t my soi pretty?’ (soi=street)

My village in Buckinghamshire was pretty. It had the loveliest village green in the centre where they used to play cricket. On three sides were hills swooping up directly behind the buildings fronting the green. A mixture of periods meant houses and shops never looked twee in a nauseous English village way.

I’m not sure I’ve ever thought my soi was pretty but there I was thinking just that. Lots of my tastes have altered since I’ve been here, so I just accepted it for another change in how I define nice-looking.

Whether it’s anyone else’s idea of attractive is neither here nor there; the fact is I appreciated the dapply light. I think I must be getting back to normal.


Yvonne said...

Yay that your mojo is coming back! The light is gorgeous in your photo.

Carol and Chris said...

As normal as you get anyway!! Good to have you back!!

C x

Jon M said...

That looks pretty to me. Sometimes places can be so different they are beautiful...if that makes any sense...glad you're mothingies working again...I'm lost without mine!

liz fenwick said...

I find it amazing how quickly an alien landscape becomes familiar and reaches the heart. Welcome back to feeling normal :-)

Susie Vereker said...

Just found your blog via Liz F's - I know her through the RNA. Fascinated to read yours as we posted to Bangkok twice. I wonder if your soi is off Sukhumvit Road.

Good luck with your novel. I once wrote a book set in an imaginary kind of Thailand. Not been published yet though others set in Geneva and Paris have. Maybe I'll dig out my SE Asian book and re-read it to see if it can be rescued!

Debs said...

Your soi does look lovely.

So glad your mojo is coming back too.

JJ said...

Thanks Yvonne.

Yes, Carol, I knew I could rely on you for THAT!

Jon, Mothingies are essential I believe.

Liz, thank you. Yes I may be a country girl at heart, but I can enjoy being in a city too.

Hello Susie, welcome. Yes, I'm Sukhumvit Soi 'Yee Sip Sahm'. (Can you remember your numbers?) Soi 23 with the delightful Cowboy at the bottom!

Debs, thank you. I'm pretty glad it's found its way home too!