Monday, July 07, 2008

Brain blurt

  • The UK is doing its best with the torrential rain storms to persuade me that I’m still in the tropics.
  • Just as I said ‘I’m having some days off …’ I start writing again. Bizarre.
  • It’s my Dad’s birthday today. He’s 79.
  • I didn’t blog about the third funeral I saw in four days. These are villages with a funeral every now and again … apart from the last week it seems.
  • In the post this morning I got a totally gorgeous ‘artist card’ from Rachel. I love it. I’m reciprocating when I get back to Thailand.
  • Lovely Leigh came to lunch yesterday with her beautiful children. She read some of my words and I told her the bones of the story and I’m feeling all fired up again. (Although I have to say, I’ve been feeling mostly fired up anyway…)
  • I opened the Sunday Times ‘Culture’ supplement this morning, and saw the mother of my MC staring back at me: Wyndham Lewis’ portrait of Edith Sitwell.


Fiona said...

I hope your father has a super birthday.
Glad you're all fired up. Pass it on!

KatW said...

"Just as I said ‘I’m having some days off …’ I start writing again. Bizarre."

It's one of those strange but true things. I think that sometimes when you take the pressure off you discover you desperately want to write more than ever. I've had the same experience.

Keep enjoying your stay! Happy Birthday to your Dad. Kat :-)

Angie said...

Enjoy the birthday celebration. I hope the weather cooperates.
I took three days off the 100 words to enjoy the holiday weekend, but I'm back at it today as well.
Interesting portrait. Did you base the mother of your MC on the painting originally, or did you see it afterward in a weird coincidence like all those funerals?

Carol and Chris said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad :-)

Glad your still enjoying the writing hon and am enjoying reading about your adventures in the UK (Even if they do involve rather a lot of funerals!!)

C x

Flowerpot said...

get those words down JJ!

Debs said...

Hope your dad has a lovely birthday.

Glad that you feel raring to go again too.

JJ said...

Thanks Fiona. One of the books I read recently cautioned new writers not to talk too much about their story, but I find talking to people (not everyone, and not all the time) to remind me why I got excited in the first place.

Katw, it's just taking the pressure off I guess, isn't it? I've got supportive family around too who are letting me go off and write.

Angie, thanks honey. I knew my MC's mother looked a bit like my Granny, Dad's Mum, but I don't remember seeing this picture before. When I opened the paper, there she was. So it's weird coincidence ... just like all those funerals. It's a sign!

Carol, hi hon. It's 3 funerals and a ... no, I have seen a wedding yet!

Flowerpot, thanks, I'm trying hard.

Debs, thank you. It's a wonderful feeling.

JJ said...

Carol, I meant I haven't seen a wedding yet.

Leigh said...

You know, I dreamed about novel last night. It's been banging round in my head since Sunday.

And, get that picture on your wall, deary. Now!