Friday, July 04, 2008

Another funeral and my contact lenses

Thank you for your comments. I’m feeling a little happier today. I have an article due so I will think about that and apply my words to that instead of the novel. Then I will do some research on the novel. When I am stuck I often find that research is the answer … for me; I don’t think this works with everyone.

So update to my spooky funeral story from Tuesday: the village to which my MC returns is an amalgam of several villages/small towns that I know here in Kent. The town that my opticians is in (do you remember the saga of my contact lenses?) has leant itself to my fictitious place – particularly the road layout. Yesterday I returned to the opticians for her to check the contact lenses that she fitted back at the end of April (the saga is ongoing… I was wearing my lenses in the wrong eyes! I am such a klutz. Not trusting myself to keep the right one in my right eye, we are sending them back to have a ‘ler’ (L) and a ‘reh’ (R) engraved on them.)

Anyway, I’m in this lovely little town with Sister, and we’re walking along the very road that in my story I’ve put the church in which the father’s funeral takes place. The MC walks from the station, around a kink in the sloping road to see the silhouette of the funeral procession about to move into the church. So there I am with Sister, and WHAT do I see? I see another hearse, in the midst of a funeral. I am now officially freaked out.


Leatherdykeuk said...

How trippy!

Of course, if you walk down the road with the church...

Yvonne said...

I'm very intrigued by your novel. Glad you're feeling better!

L-Plate Author said...

JJ, my coffee shop in book one is fictionally in the town I used to work at, just outside the magistrate court. As there was a footballer there the other day, Central News were filming outside. I watched the clip and shouted out 'oh look that's the exact place where my Coffee Shop is', much to the amusement of the Bloke from Stoke. Weird x

Pacha said...

I suppose you could see this as a message that this is definitely how your novel should be begin!

And stop walking down that road for a bit.