Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bulleted Updates

  • I am up to date with my blog reading now, but my commenting is sadly lacking. I am very sorry.
  • What a lovely weekend. I stayed in a hotel in Monmouth Street, London on Friday and Saturday night; the hotel was nice but the area was lovely. I would be very happy in a tiny wee flat in any of the streets around there. Living in Bangkok has obviously changed me from a ‘I’m not a city girl’ into ‘I’d very much like a city pied-à-terre please.’ I must remember to buy a lottery ticket.
  • On Saturday morning I rushed to buy a postcard of my MC’s mother – see this post – at the National Portrait Gallery and then went over to Waterstones in Piccadilly for the Novel Racers’ 2nd Meet. I saw people who’d been to Manchester and met new faces too. It was lovely. Those of us that were there made a donation to a kitty to buy Lucy Diamond and Kate Harrison (who started the Novel Racers) a book token which we presented on behalf of Novel Racers all over the world. We wanted to thank them for starting the group as they have made a huge difference to so many of us. Some of us had fairly serious practice already but for others (me) it has facilitated making our writing practice more serious.
  • I left London on Sunday morning for my parents’ house where Leigh and her children were coming again for lunch.
  • I haven’t been writing as aswell as being in London, I've been involved in some domestics, but I’m going to get back to my 100 words a day ASAP, though not tonight because I’m a bit wiped out by the domestic dramas. Still, it’s all rich research material, eh?


Lane said...

You've had a busy weekend!

I have a photo of you, head thrown back, roaring with laughter but it's all fuzzy wuzzy because I must have been laughing too. Looks quite arty though:-)

Hope the domestics sort themselves out!

Angie said...

That all sounds so lovely, JJ. Hope I can come meet everyone someday. (Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket as well?)

Carol and Chris said...

Sounds like you are having a blast!!

C x

Caroline said...

I'm shattered reading your post!
Sounds like fun though.


Lucy Diamond said...

Lottery tickets all round, I say!
Lovely to meet you, m'dear and I was so touched by the card and prezzy. Very kind. next time I am determined to sit nearer you so I can have a proper chat!

JJ said...

Lane, I remember a flash going off as I was laughing and I remember thinking 'Gosh, that's going to be an attractive picture ... not.' Still, hideous or not, laughing is officially Good.

Angie, Oooh, wouldn't that be lovely. We reckon we should have a meet at Wordtryst's in Trinidad too!

C&C, busy anyway...

Caroline, it is fun ... mostly.

Lucy, I'm sorry we didn't have a chance for a better chat, but it was a pleasure to do the book tokens for you both - we are all grateful.