Thursday, July 10, 2008

Warning: Cat below

Ketchup, sister to HP (of the headless rabbit saga) needed to go to the vet. Daughter wanted to take her so I agreed to go too. The family chuckled and told us some tales which we did not heed. ‘She’s bitten a vet’ we were told; when she was spayed they couldn’t give her anaesthetic so they had to stick her in a box of chloroform.

Still, we didn’t heed the warning.

Ketchup is the laziest, most docile pussy cat ever. She should be called ‘Sloth’ as she’s a dumpling that allows my daughter to maul her, she doesn’t hunt, she eats, sleeps and poops (if she can get away with it, in a corner of a room rather than going outside.)

We took her to the vet and in the waiting room I put my finger in and stroked her paw. She growled at me.

I withdrew my finger fastish, but I didn’t heed the warning.

We took her through in the basket to the surgery. I told the vet that my folks told me I should warn her, but I didn’t believe it. The vet said ‘she’s got a warning on her records.’

We opened her basket; she cowered at the back. ‘She should be called Apathy’ I said, putting my hand towards the open basket, ‘I don’t mind a nip.’ She screamed at me and made to open several of my arteries.

She is Jekyll and Hyde cat. Thank god for the vet. I’ve come home for a lie down.

This is post vet visit. She's a bit pissed off.


Pacha said...

Hope arteries are intact! She looks majorly pissed off! She has a warning on her records? That is so funny...!

Lucy Diamond said...

Bet she's a pussy cat really.
(God, I'm really hilarious today, non?)

KAREN said...

Oh dear. She looks evil! Mind you, can't blame her I suppose :o)

Yvonne said...

Ketchup looks very annoyed indeed. I hope you've recovered after your lie down!

sheepish said...

Always beware of pissed off pussy!

JJ said...

Hmmm, Pacha, I'm glad it made you laugh...

Sue, just a really, really bad tempered one.

Karen, she is when faced with a vet or, as it turns out, with her antibiotics!

Yvonne, I needed another lie down after the antibiotic episode.

Sheepish, you are so right. I have so much respect!

Debs said...

She looks one helluva peed off puss.

JJ said...

She is Debs, she's bad tempered again now that we won the antibiotic-down-the-throat-battle! Ha ha ha.

Calistro said...

Wow them's some evil glowing eyes!

Angie said...

Looks like her claws are out and ready should any more vet trips materialize. But really, animals have no idea what's going on when they go to the strange, smelly vet and get poked and prodded, poor things. Drew whines and pouts every time.
Btw, I love the names of your cats. :)

Leigh said...

Ketchup? That was the one the small boy refered to as 'the sweet little kitten,' wasn't she?

Yep, thought so. Absolute angel she is. Them glowing eyes are just for show.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Er... she was only playing?

Thought not.

Carol and Chris said...

We clipped Lug's claws yesterday....he had a very similar expression!!

C x