Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hi honey; I'm home

The weirdest thing happened to me today but first I have to tell you how my book opens:

MC lands in the UK after approx 10 years self exile in Thailand. She’s come home for her father’s funeral and although her mother and her sister know she’s coming home she hasn’t let them know when. She walks into the village to the church where the funeral has just begun.

Today I landed at Heathrow airport from Bangkok and took a train to Paddington, a taxi to Charing Cross and the next train from there to the village where I spent my childhood. I phoned ahead to tell them the train was on but no-one could meet me (sniff, sniff, I’ve only flown 6,000 miles to see them…) so I got out at the station to walk home. I walked up the hill past the graveyard and outside the front of the church was a hearse, four undertakers and the vicar in robes.

Freaked? Me? Nope; alright yes a bit. Spooky timing eh?

Anyway, I leave you with some lovely architecture at Paddington Station. I love train stations.

I barely slept on the 'plane and my eyes are propped open with matchsticks, but I've got to go and do my words because I will not let a day go past ... Ah, dedication.


Calistro said...

It's weird when that happens isn't it? Still, at least you've got a great mental image/experience to transfer to your book.

Caroline said...

Far too freaky for my liking!

Welcome home x

Pacha said...

Look at her from the pratical point of view as a writer. And no more!

Glad you are home safe and sound and writing in spite of exhaustion. Now, I have NO excuse to put off writing my 100 words!

Pacha said...

Look at "it" (referring to funeral procession)...not "her" (why did I write her?)

JJ said...

Calistro, you're right. I'm not freaked, I'm making notes of the details...

Caroline, thanks honey.

Oh Pacha ... I've written 12 words so far... and I'm struggling but determined.

Debs said...

Very spooky indeed.

Well done you for keeping up your 100 words. I shall have to get going and do mine now as I have no excuse.

JJ said...

Oooh Debs, really, really hard today but they're done. Hurrah.

Angie said...

I love train stations too, there's something about them.

I hope you had your notebook out and scribbled down all the descriptions. It's great when you have those moments, if a bit strange.

Jon M said...

Dedication beyond imagining! or is that 'deadication?'

Carol and Chris said...

Glad you got there safe and sound hon.

Very spooky about the funeral but hey, you will now have a very clear image in your head to write about!!

C x

Ps. As you can see I can now access blogs again...phew!!!

KAREN said...

VERY spooky! Sends shivers down the spine.

Great picture :o) Now go and have a sleep!