Thursday, July 17, 2008


I’ve been working ... before my friend arrives any moment now.

Tomorrow Husband flies in and we all go to Manchester.

I can’t decide whether to lug my pc up there with us. I may. I may not. That’s what makes me unable to decide.

My contact lenses still haven’t arrived. Instead of engraving them, they’ve made a whole new pair. I am still wearing my glasses. Sigh. I don’t like glasses.

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SueG said...

Send my love to Manchester. I had lots of fun while I was there last month. We had dinner in a very "happening" place on the main drag called The Living Room (I think). As far as doing "the pc lug" (sounds like a new dance), if your haven't seen your husband for a while and you're only there briefly, I vote no...unless....xo