Monday, March 02, 2009

Bits and Bobs

I am smug today because my office and my desk are tidy.

Sorry I should have warned you, shouldn’t I? I should’ve said ‘turn away now if you don’t want to see a flagrant declaration of smugness.’ Sorry about that.

Just in case I was getting above myself, though, I’ve been whacked back down to earth with the news that the TLC writing holiday isn’t going ahead. I was stupidly sad back in Sept/Oct and out of that misery came the mentoring which is going well… This time I am disappointed but, with the mentoring in place, I’m not foolishly miserable as I might be winging a trip to the UK instead… last two weeks in April … watch this space.)

Husband has been very odd these last few days… If you remember, he issued a request, a while ago, that I not buy any more books until I had inflicted a major dent in my TBR pile. He keeps threatening to come here to my comments and tell you all how many books there are on my pile. He even suggested he might not count them – which would take a while – but he’d invent a silly number to the power of ten, or something. Then at the weekend, he said ‘I’ll make you a deal. I’ll stop nagging about the TBR pile if you read ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’ next.


That’s so easy. I’ll read it, then. He could’ve said ‘Running With Scissors’ in which case I’d have to have pretended to read it and keep on hiding the books I’d bought since I promised not to buy any more, just in case he finds me out.

Then he said ‘I tell you what, our copy is in England; I’ll even buy it for you.’

What is going on?


Leatherdykeuk said...

Owen Meany is a fabulous book.

Lane said...

Well you've got to read it now!

Flowerpot said...

I havent read it but tell us what you think of it!

Lucy Diamond said...

How intriguing!
It is a good book, I hope you enjoy it! (And JJ's husband, if you read this, you're not allowed to criticise your wife's TBR pile - she NEEDS that tower of books for um... draught-proofing purchases, all right?)

HelenMHunt said...

Intriguing! Pleeeease come to the UK, it would be lovely to meet you. And tell your husband that all your blog mates have bigger tbr piles than you and wouldn't be remotely shocked no matter what huge number he makes up.

Pat Posner said...

Remember, books are for research and therefore tax deductible!
That's the excuse I make for my huge tbr pile.

Angie said...

Very fill us in when you solve the mystery.
Sorry about the TLC holiday, but hopefully the trip to the UK works out! And well done on the tidy office! Smugness deserved. :)

There's an award for you over at mine. xx

Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like a good book, you'll have to report back!

Well done on the tidying, I really need to do that.

liz fenwick said...

I will now have nightmares that my dh will read this and try and restrict me! I added for new books over the weekend.

I always disperse the tbr piles about the house with other books to disguise there amount:-)

Carol and Chris said...

Ok, I am now rediculously excited about the prospect of you coming to the UK!!!

You tidied your desk...blimey...that must have been a task and a half...I've SEEN your desk (hehehehe)

C x

Oh, nearly forgot to say...I really enjoyed 'A prayer for Owen Meany'....It took me a wee while to get into it but I did enjoy it :-)

JJ Beattie said...

Rachel, I'm enjoying it, but not gripped yet. I'm on page 86... should I worry?

Lane, I have. And he says I've got to reading Running with Scissors too. Pah, me and my big mouth!

Flowerpot, everyone I know who's read it, loved it. We shall see if I do.

Sue, Husband was so funny... he kept trying to leave you a message but blogger was playing up. He said 'Does she need to draft proof the whole street?' (Thank you for sticking up for me.)

Helen, I am coming! Last two weeks of April! Hurrah. Watch this space. Thank you for the 'defence' too.

Pat, Absolutely!

Angie, UK isn't a bad consolation prize, is it? Thank you for the award.

M&T, thank you. The desk is beginning to look a bit chaotic already... eeek.

Liz, what a fab idea. I'm such a twit... I have TBR shelves where he can easily see them piling up and up and up.

Carol, I know! How exciting's that? (I'm ignoring the desk comment...) I feel the same about OM... slow to get into. I'm enjoying it but not gripped.