Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Isn’t the internet wonderful?

Here I am, sitting in my little office – which is actually a dressing area so I’m surrounded by wardrobes and a mirror (euwgh) - in Bangkok. But, but I can still do research. I’ve just watched videos of badgers at night. How brilliant is that? Six thousand miles away and I can study the gait and noises of a badger in the UK.

Don’t forget to look in at Tea Stains tomorrow as I’m hosting one of the dates on Sue Guiney’s blog tour for the launch of the paperback of Tangled Roots. I'm asking Sue some questions and there could even be refreshments!


liz fenwick said...

JJ - do I want to know why you are researching badgers???

Will be by tomorrow :-)

JJ Beattie said...

Liz, Lol. Uhm. They are in the garden belonging to the family in my story. In the end, you know, those damn badgers didn't come out to play during the evening my main character went out to see them!

Fiona said...

Might take a look tomorrow but she's very elusive or is it just me?

Pat Posner said...

JJ, I love badgers. An orphan badger cub starred in my children's book, 'No Waifs or Strays' (not a plug, *smile*, it was published 10 years ago).
We have 2 badger families who come in the garden for food every night. I bury dried fruit with a spot of honey dabbed on it and sometimes, as a treat, a few coco-pops.

KAREN said...

Unusually, a badger trudged past me in the woods the other day in broad daylight! Maybe it was confused?

I'll pop by tomorrow :o)

JJ Beattie said...

Fiona, ahh, that must be the physics.

Pat, fantastic. They are gorgeous aren't they?

Karen, what a dirty stop out, that badger must've been.

Wordtryst - Liane Spicer said...

Absolutely wonderful, the Internet.. Too bloody absolutely wonderful.

Debs said...

It's all so clever. I love being able to find things on the internet.

HelenMHunt said...

I love the internet, even though I'm a bit crap at finding stuff on it!

BT said...

I am still totally in awe of the internet, having come into computing and all its wonders rather late in life. Blogs are the best. The trouble is, they are so time consuming and the more blogs I 'find' (such as this one) the more time it takes to keep up with them all.
When I first discovered msn messenger, I was 'talking' to my son in Australia, his friend in Hong Kong, my daughter in Derbyshire, me in a different place in Derbyshire and one other in London. I was utterly amazed by the whole process.

JJ Beattie said...

Liane, yeah you're so right. It's so tempting isn't it?

Debs, so do I. It's great.

Helen, No? I bet you have fun trying, eh?

BT, The internet is indeed a wonderful place. I managed to leave university before beginning a relationship with a computer... but the more I have to do with them, well, they're wonderful.