Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book news

After my 4,000 words last week, I lay awake on Sunday night worrying that the big scene I’d so enjoyed writing wasn’t where it ought to be or perhaps it’s just that too much is revealed. So yesterday I didn’t do any writing at all: I finished Rebecca instead.

Oh I am so sad I finished Rebecca. I really enjoyed it. I must have read it longer ago than I thought because there was only one time when I pre-empted what was about to happen. Every other plot twist came as a total surprise. It makes me so sad that for all the years I’ve been reading I haven’t kept a log book of what I’ve read. That list – over there on the side bar – is the first time I’ve recorded what I’ve been reading.

Other book related news:

I’ve just started The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters for Book Club. I don’t normally suggest titles for book club because the whole point of it for me is being told what to read by someone else. The Little Stranger was my choice though because of an administrative cock-up (mine) I had to insert something at the last minute.

For commenting over at Novel Spaces I won a book by Farrah Rochon which I received a couple of days ago. Thank you for that, Farrah. It’s quite ridiculous how snail mail still excites me!

This morning I must write (HA, Sheepish, not so easily sidetrack my woolly friend!) and this afternoon I must continue the Bangkok wide search for some suitable, gargantuan trekking shoes for Son.


Carol said...

I think it's a good idea to take a step back from the writing sometimes!! I would say that if you enjoyed writing it then you've probably made a good job of it :-)

Good luck on the great shoe hunt!!

C x

JJ Beattie said...

Yes, I guess. But you know I don't want to give the woolly one a big head start this week!

I FOUND the shoes Carol. In Central Chit Lom, the FIRST place I tried today... not the first place I've tried in the big hunt, but today's first mall! Hurrah. The man has 45 and 46 and is saving them til we get there at 4.30! Hurrah.

Fia said...

I wouldn't worry about the big scene now, you'll be able to play around with it in the next draft.

I haven't read the Little Stranger. Read her first book, the name of which I've forgotten so I should keep a log too. I do remember it being good. Secret History(?)

Kate said...


I love Rebecca - one of those wonderful books you can read over and over again so I totally identify with the sadness of finishing it.

Good luck with the writing!

Kate x

Debs said...

I need to take a step towards my writing. Unfortunately I've stepped back a little too far.

Congratulations on your win. It's always fun to receive something in the post.

Carolyn said...


Thanks for de-lurking and leaving me such a lovely comment on my blog. I always love to hear from my readers. I know there are many that read and do not comment for various reasons

I am interested that you are in Bangkok and living/working there. My husband and I loved Bangkok and hope to visit again one day. We found it to be a fascinating place, so interesting, so colourful, so friendly and we loved the food too which is always a bonus!

Hope you say "hello" again and thank you for visiting me

Very best wishes

Bluestocking Mum said...

Rebecca is on my to read pile. I haven't read it for 20 years. Wonderful story.

I agree with Carol - it's good to take a step back from writing sometimes. You may be surprised the affect it has on your creative mind.

JJ Beattie said...

Fia, The Secret History is Donna Tartt and also brilliant... My favourite Sarah Waters is Fingersmith. If you haven't read it, you MUST.

Kate, it did make me sad, but I'm clearly so fickle because here I am today desperate to keep reading A Little Stranger!

Debs, thank you.

Carolyn, hi. Thanks for your comment too - you're on my feeds, I'm sure I shall be back.

Bluestocking Mum, it is, you're right but since I started my race with Sheepish, I've got a bit obsessed!