Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I’ve just got back from Book Club. It’s only down the road from me but we got stranded by the torrential rain storm. It’s proper tropical rain. Only newbies try to run home in it.

Our book club was a ‘pot luck’ meeting where there is no prescribed book; instead members come with a book they’ve read recently and enjoyed and we all get the floor to talk about our choice. I like pot luck meetings.

I took ‘We Are All Made of Glue’ by Marina Lewycka. I loved it. I love the way she writes. I love that she writes about ordinary personal drama. I don’t need guns and aliens or the imminent end of the world; there’s enough drama for me in the ordinary domestic arena.

Finally, after lunch and then another natter, the rain stopped. I made for home.

In my soi, I very nearly had to swim.


HelenMHunt said...

Goodness, that is dramatic rain x

Carol said...

I just got caught in a downpour that Bangkok would have been proud of!! I am completely soaked to the skin and the washing is wetter now than it was when it came out the machine *sigh*

C x

Ps. I miss book club :-(

Karen said...

Makes the shower we had this afternoon look very silly indeed!

I liked that book too by the way :o)